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I am an Engineering professional. Initially, I thought Personal finance advisor is required only for the people who has more money & more properties like stars & big shots. They only need financial advisor to manage their assets. After discussion with Holistic investment, then I realized, it is important for everyone (middle class/upper middle class), irrespective of profession or current financial status.

First impression the best impression. The way, the introduction given by them was wonderful, Because, what the client can expect, what are the benefits they can provide are very well explained in the first time itself. Even though it was lengthy session, it was worth.

Managing money is an art, always it is important to have someone who is good in that. After taking support from Holistic Investments, I got a clear picture on my financial status, where I am currently, where I have to go and how to go about it.

They are very good in customer support, especially, their professional way of setting up time and addressing the clarification points one to one is unique.

Overall, I suggest everyone should be well aware of their personal finance. Whether the personal is big or small. Definitely Holistic Investment are good in that. No doubt about it.

Engineering Professional  Chennai 

I am currently in my 5th year of association with Holistic Investment Planners". It has been an immensely fruitful association for me. Besides meeting my financial goals, what has been enchanting has been the ease of doing business with Holistic. Time is in immense short supply for people like us. The team at Holistic does everything possible to complete the transactions with the least amount of involvement from my side. The other aspect that has been special is the trust factor. Till date, I have not met anyone in the Holistic team in person and inspite of that I feel comfortable entrusting my entire portfolio with them. I also had a great yearly review last year. I look forward to my next one by which time I am sure that the suggestions I had provided would have been implemented. Thanks for everything

Senior Director, Philips.  Bangalore 

After I started working with Holistic investment planners, I have a clear picture of where I stand financially and what I should be doing If I want to achieve my financial goals.Without the advice of Holistic, my dreams would have been just that - dreams. I never thought I should be saving this much today to get there tomorrow.Before working with Holistic, I did not understand the returns of various investment products and I would not have put my money to optimal use.I would recommend anyone who is interested in savings to work with Holistic. With their sound knowledge and good support, investment plan becomes a breeze.Thank you Holistic investment planners for giving me directions.

Managing Director, First Title BPO  Chennai 

It has not dawned on me until I came across Holistic that one should always leave financial planning to the experts in the field.Since I started my career in 2001, I have been managing savings on my own in a conservative manner using well known “Fixed Deposits” with little satisfaction that my money is not keeping up with the pace of the economy. I didn’t dare entering the stock market on my own, because financial investing/ planning is not my background, besides I have a busy profession to attend to.

Holistic has done a very rigorous job in taking stock of my situation and coming up with a financial plan that is well balanced with various investment options. I find that they are experts at tracking the performance of funds they recommend and they know how and when to enter/exit the funds which is key to making money. They have educated me on various occasions and demystified certain myths which is very satiating. I feel more comfortable working with them compared to the financial planners I came across in the US.Their fee based approach is quite attractive which is regardless of net worth of the individual. I think they are the best option for NRIs managing money in India.

I have been associated with Holistic for a little over one year now and I am at ease regarding my financial planning. My only regret is, I was not associated with them since I began my career. I would have been a lot far ahead in chasing my financial dreams had I done so.

Senior Director, Research & Development  ADVANTEST AMERICA 

I have been using the services of Holistic Investment planners since Aug, 2014.Before choosing them, the only financial tool which I know is either Bank FD/RDs or LIC. I didnt know any other investment tool.But after choosing them, I understood how the investments only in bank FD/RDs will not make you wealthy. They helped me understood how the equity exposure to a portfolio will fetch higher returns.

The main part which I liked most in their process is that the investments are all goal oriented.With their solid understanding of my current financial position, they are able to prepare a financial plan and helped me achieve my goals without burden.Their team is very professional. The best part is that they are always reachable via phone/e-mail.I am really impressed with the way how things are happening after choosing Holistic Investment planners. Now, I am having a real peace of mind as everything is going as per plan and they are always there to take care of the plan.

I strongly recommend them to anyone who is really in need of a solid financial suggestion. I can bet , you will never regret the decision.

Software Engineer,Cisco Systems  Bangalore 

I've been working with Holistic Investment since 2011. I have always found Holistic Invesestment team very responsive and diligent, and they attempt to understand the goals and objectives, or the changes happening due to the dynamic situations, very throughly before recommending an investment plan.

I found it very easy to work with them, because the investments were linked to specific goals, and whenever I had a requirement for a certain amount for any reason, I always approach them, and they advise on which investment to withdraw/redeem from, and similarly, in case of a surplus, they recommend an appropriate plan for it.

The breakup between debt and equity has worked well, and I've never faced a situation where I am exiting from an equity investment at an inappropriate time due to an emergency. The short term requirements have been well managed through the debt investments.

Overall, Holistic Investment has been very co-operative and responsive to my needs, and I've had a very good association which I look forward to continue.

Operations Director - South Asia , Cochlear   Mumbai 

It has been a wonderful and satisfying journey working with Holistic Investment since Mar 2014. Being a late starter on the journey of Financial Planning, it was satisfying to see the inquisitive approach of Holistic. The whole process of interaction and probing questions lead to identifying goals and then creating the plan was very satisfying. With their help, I had restructured the whole approach to refinancing the Home loan to moving from insurance to pure term insurance as well as starting health insurance and investing in Mutual funds. I found the team of Holistic trust worthy and professional in their approach. In fact I had recommended them to couple of my friends both in India and outside. I wish Holistic a better and sustainable growth.


I have been using the services of Holistic Investment Planners for more than 3 years now and when I look back it seems to have been one of best decisions I took. While I was never in doubt on the need to take expert help in my financial planning the problem was about choosing the right one and here is where I am very thankful to have got in touch with the key peoples of Holistic Investment Planners.

In our very first interaction itself they took lot of time to understand my present situation and a complete detailing of future aspirations/plans. I must say that they created a financial plan for execution in a very transparent manner which I could own up immediately because of the way they went about doing this. I have being executing the recommended plan to the last detail and can the see the results for myself.

Given my age and stage in career it is their advice and plan I must thank for rebalancing my portfolio with good quality debt funds and retaining certain part of my equity funds to create an adequate corpus for retirement in tax efficient manner. If not for their suggestions I may locked up funds in bank FD’s and POSMIS schemes to name a few. The best part I liked about working with Holistic Planners is that you will not see any hidden agenda in their recommendations. The key people are easily approachable and are there for you to educate, clarify any doubts you may have from time to time. This helps develops lot of trust in the relationship.

If you are looking for a trustworthy financial planner who has only your financial goals in mind while making recommendations and takes a long term view while drawing up your plan in holistic manner I would say “ Holistic Investment Planners “ is the right up there.

Director- Olympus Therapeutics Pvt Ltd.  Chennai 

I am writing this testimonial in support of Holistic Investment Planners and its team. I started using Holistic's financial planning services in March 2015 and have been impressed by the team's professional and methodical approach. I was assisted in listing down my goals and aspirations and a comprehensive financial plan was drawn up to help me achieve those goals. In the entire process I was consulted regularly and educated on the financial products I would be investing in. By availing of Holistic's financial planning service, I am now able to manage my income more efficiently and am more clear on how I can achieve my goals by investing correctly and in the right financial products.

Proprietor, Seegreen Cosmetics.  Chennai. 

As a result of creating financial plan with Holistic Investment Planners, I Started working with financial alertness and understood financial planning is not one time activity or something which is dependent on the market/instruments we invest in. Rather it is a life time one. Also I understood the concept, slowly & steadily building corpus for achieving financial goals. If i have not hired them, my learning and spending pattern would have not changed/updated. Awareness levels in financial planning would have been poorer.

I’m impressed with their “to the point feedback” for my queries, professional support /guidance with transparency for achieving my financial goals. Though it was a sudden development, bought a house last year which was part of initial financial plan. Efficiently invested in instruments which helped tax reduction as well as capital appreciation. This achievement is a result of the financial plan created by Holistic.

If someone is really serious about financial planning for their future, I would recommend Holistic Investment Planners for their professional approach. I am very much satisfied with the professional support of Holistic Investment Planners. I would definitely recommend with top rating.

The above testimonial was given on 06th Oct 2015 after having a relationship with us for more than 3 years. Earlier he had given the below testimonial on 30th Oct 2012. It was within 8 months of his enrollment as a client with us..

It gives a feeling that financial part of my life is secured with the help of Holistic Investment Planners. In a short span i have built a "decent corpus" which otherwise i would have not. Also i am trying to educate people who work with me about financial planning. Feeling good that i have started early with you.

Manager- Sales & Marketing, JSW Steel Ltd.  Chennai