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Being a member of holistic group, now I can say that I became more confident about my future. My family is secure because of financial planning done by holistic investment planners. I could buy a house and a car because of accurate financial planning done by them.

I am less worried about family’s future and medical emergencies. Also my loan burden is substantially reduced because of accurate and risk based planning done. All these transformations happened with the help of Holistic Investment Planners only.

If I had not associated with them, incorrect investments would have caused losses, missing life insurance planning would have had my family’s future at risk and loan burden may have given me mental pressure.
Personalized advise and 24/7 accessibility are the favorite part of working with them. Don’t think twice before you hire “Holistic investment planners”.I don’t know if they are the best but their financial planning strategy is the most complete one that I have known. They take care of our financial future with 100% perspective and help you save your time by not thinking on financial matters.

Cyber security Specialist- Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd.  Bangalore 

Initially I did not have any great clarity on Mutual Funds and was averse of investing in them. Gradually through meetings with Holistic representatives, they informed me of the advantages of investing in Mutual funds and removed most of my misgivings. Even then, I approached Mutual Funds from a tax saving, compulsory perspective rather than a wealth creating one. During a cash crunch I used to get irritated with the monthly SIP’s. But somehow I stuck on. And it is perhaps one of the wisest things I have done.

A couple of years ago, faced with a huge payment towards a property purchase, I was wondering where to raise the funds from. During one of those moments, the monthly update from Holistic landed in my inbox. I used to barely glance at them previously and left them unopened. That day I opened my statement and was amazed to see the profit I had gained from my systematic investment. After conferring with Holistic, I withdrew some funds, easily met my obligation and had profits in reserve. Yes, it does go up and down, but I for one have witnessed, first-hand the benefit of saving in a Mutual Fund. In the recent past, I have often dipped into my mutual funds to meet some unforeseen expenses and it is invaluable to me.

I would always recommend Holistic Investment to anyone who is willing to make some investments in Mutual Funds. They are sincere, practical and constantly available for discussions. They are also extremely professional and go the extra mile to take care of all your needs.

Director  Brandwave Communications (P) Ltd., (Chennai) 

It has not dawned on me until I came across Holistic that one should always leave financial planning to the experts in the field.Since I started my career in 2001, I have been managing savings on my own in a conservative manner using well known “Fixed Deposits” with little satisfaction that my money is not keeping up with the pace of the economy. I didn’t dare entering the stock market on my own, because financial investing/ planning is not my background, besides I have a busy profession to attend to.

Holistic has done a very rigorous job in taking stock of my situation and coming up with a financial plan that is well balanced with various investment options. I find that they are experts at tracking the performance of funds they recommend and they know how and when to enter/exit the funds which is key to making money. They have educated me on various occasions and demystified certain myths which is very satiating. I feel more comfortable working with them compared to the financial planners I came across in the US.Their fee based approach is quite attractive which is regardless of net worth of the individual. I think they are the best option for NRIs managing money in India.

I have been associated with Holistic for a little over one year now and I am at ease regarding my financial planning. My only regret is, I was not associated with them since I began my career. I would have been a lot far ahead in chasing my financial dreams had I done so.

Senior Director, Research & Development  ADVANTEST AMERICA 

I got to know of HOLISTIC investment Planners on CNBC TV, when they were awarded “The Best Performing Financial Advisor Award”. This was a time, when I was just beginning to pay attention to the world of financial management, investment arenas and was contemplating the idea of having a financial advisor for myself. The concept of paying someone money to manage your own money was very alien to me.

What I liked about registering with holistic planners was, that I was given an opportunity at first to better understand my personal financial management and get convinced about the benefits of having them on board. I had a one hour-long chat with Mr. Ramalingam, Director of Holistic Investment, to discuss my finances. It was a very cordial and warm discussion. I felt like I was talking to a friend about my personal finances and he, with no compulsion or marketing, was telling me about saving, investment, spending, using credit cards, risk management and insurance.

After partnering with holistic, I felt a great transformation in the way I approached my finances. Till then, I had no clue about “cash flow”, investment options, mutual funds (though I had started a few SIPs, but was using it just like bank deposits), risk management etc. Today I feel confident in my life because, my life is adequately covered with a term insurance, my assets are protected for any untoward incidences and I have created a path toward wealth creation. That too wealth creation without having to stress myself out. The friendly advice provided to me by Mr. Rajan, my financial advisor at Holistic, his implementation plan (step by step with deadlines) and follow up was very useful for my transformation. I should admit that I have not been 100% compliant to their financial plan, largely because of my personal reasons, yet I feel assured that I have a highway that I can get onto and reach my goals.

To anyone considering Holistic, I just have this to say to them. A man should have 3 good friends – a doctor who will treat his illness, a lawyer who can protect you when you are in trouble and a finance advisor who can help you manage your money. With holistic investment planners you are definite to find a friend….

Group Head - Clinical Research at Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals  Bangalore 

I am very happy for the services rendered by the Holistic team and now I become more confident in my Future Financial Life.
Before joining the services, I always used to plan & think about my future life. And if I had not worked with them, it may have only been dreaming the future. Now I realize all my dreams will come true soon.
Customer support and quick implementation was the favourite part of working with Holistic Investment Planners.
I would like to say to those who are thinking of financial planning, that, we should not consider the financial plan charge as an expense rather consider this as an investment and keep investing in it for your lifetime. I am sure that you would be benefited from this investment lifelong.

Senior Fire Fighting Designer, MottmacDonaldPvt Ltd,   Chennai. 

Working with Holistic Investment Planners helped me chart out my financial needs clearly. Not only that but also provided me the clarity in terms of channelizing my investments in proper instruments and getting out the expected results at appropriate times. It gave me so much of time in my life to focus on developing myself and go after my pursuits with confidence. Plus better returns, of course. It’s difficult to put a quantitative value if I had not worked with this team. But, I could say that I’d definitely have not got the quality of life that I have now. The way they respond to my requests immediately and come up with suitable solutions is fascinating. And the respect they provide to me, as a customer, is extremely satisfying. They really are doing their work professionally and help us to get what we need, in terms of managing our finances.

Senior Associate, Risk Analytics, IFMR Capital  Chennai 

My association with Holistic Investment Planners has been for the past 3 years. Now, I am more focused in systematic savings and thanks to the guidance from Holistic Planners. I have also started to keep track of my expenses and plan a budget for the month. Always I had the thought of Life insurance and security of assets, but Holistic Planners were able to guide me and help me in accomplishing this. The correct advice from the team to secure the future by planning in the present is of immense value to me. Clarity in the concepts of Mutual Funds and its long term benefits were the favorite part. From my experience I would like to say that Holistic Planners are one of the Best in the Field of Financial Planning, and one can rely on them without any second thought.

AssistantDirector, EduBrisk Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd.  Location - Kochi (Cochin) 

Working with holistic investment planner’s Pvt Ltd has helped me to take more informed decision when it comes to personal finance. After joining with them I came to know more about saving concepts, the importance of planning for the future, and need for yearly reviews. They are really good in understanding our requirements and make the customized financial plans. I am very much impressed in the way they keep touch with us. I would suggest them to anyone who needs to bring a disciplined way in the overall financial matters.

Reliability Engineer  Dubai Aiprorts 

Though I had been employed overseas and saving considerably for nearly two decades, I did not have a clear idea of my future financial needs. Thanks to Holistic investment planners as they guided me with a clear financial plan, specific to my family situation. Now, I am a happily retired person and also more confident. Hand-holding approach during and after implementation of the plan indeed appreciable. The financial plan included current position, future needs, investing ideas to meet specific goals, legal compliance etc., The plan helped me to have exposure to different types of assets and at the same time to a well-balanced risk and reward portfolio. I wish the Holistic team all the best in their future endeavors.


I was worried about my returning to hometown in respect of my investments and savings. But these people have done a great job and were a great support for validating my financial position independently to avoid any element of bias. It would have been a difficult task for me to realign everything and choosing right investments when I come back to India after multiple years abroad. I would have ended up in wrong investments and that could have been a disaster in future if I was not associated with the Holistic group. They were able to provide a structured and organized approach to financial planning which is fully aligned with my thought process, and I really recommend their service to known persons.

Al Tayer Group  Dubai, UAE