Financial Planning Lessons from Diwali

Happy Diwali-2021!

Let us discuss Fireworks, Diwali and their close correlation with Financial Planning.

As we start our festivities of Diwali-2021, my mind went to the powerful lessons that Diwali taught us all. These thoughts gathered momentum when I started thinking about the similarities between Diwali and financial planning. It made me realize that financial planning lessons were so simple, yet enlightening that even a 12-year-old could master its principles and start financial planning for a lifetime.

As we celebrate this Diwali and worship the goddess of wealth. Let’s commit to systemizing your financial life to experience the remarkable financial breakthrough in the New Year 2022.
In this Diwali celebration, let’s commit to

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Now, let’s explore each aspect of Diwali celebrations further in this article and discover how this great festival has a close correlation with Financial Planning.

Fireworks and Diwali

I have always enjoyed fireworks, both as a child as well as a parent and found that mine as well as my children’s

safety and comfort lay in obeying certain rules while handling fireworks.

This included avoiding loose and flowing clothes and wearing appropriate footwear, goggles, and protection for the ears.

Next to noisy crackers caused hearing, ENT and nervous problems, with smoke causing ENT and allergic problems. This made me come to the conclusion that we need to enjoy crackers and fireworks, but where excesses were to be avoided.

Safety applies to all Diwali, as it does to other aspects of life with our requiring reading and following instructions on the boxes. Next keeping a bucket of water handy to put off fires and keeping numbers of fire stations proves handy. In addition vigilance and safety of children while using fireworks is to be adhered to, with keeping fireworks out of reach from children when not in use.

My dear friends now is the right time to view the great co-relation between crackers/fireworks and financial planning.

Grasp the financial planning lessons Diwali teaches us:

3 most critical Lessons from Diwali that are applied to Investments:

1. Noise Pollution:

Modern science with its developments have been able to render us some very useful lessons like noise pollution that could affect not only infants, the old, and those with nervous, heart and psychiatric problems, but also cause slow declining abilities in many others.
Hot stocksThis applies to noisy stocks also; this noise pollution in the form of everyone talking about hot stocks and the best next issue. This information could also affect us with its full impact. This inside information may at times prove very dangerous if acted upon.

We have observed many investors not only being be charged with fines and/jail, but it has been harmful to financial professionals as well.

Next, if they are rumours the financial harm could be too large to recoup and rejuvenate easily and quickly.

It is worth understanding also that some information could be stale and if acted upon cause indigestions of the worst order.

2. Emergency:

The next most close and interesting co-relation of fireworks and the colourful nature of the festival Diwali are being prepared for emergencies, with this meaning keeping water and the numbers of the nearby fire stations handy. This applies to also using long sparklers and incense sticks, avoiding the use of metal and glass containers and using fireworks on open grounds.
EmergencyIt is true that emergencies and contingencies are a part of everyone’s life and being a wise and smart financial planner requires not only planning for emergencies, but also for contingencies in the form of death.

Finances in the form of term insurances could provide for the stable lifestyle of your loving family on death.

Health insurance and critical health insurance plans would provide for the health and critical illiness coverage and stable lifestyle in such contingencies. The youth could benefit also from investing surplus funds on land in remote places and allowing it to appreciate. Creating contingency funds could act as emergency fire extinguishers.

I appreciate those who have listened to the experience regarding wearing appropriate clothing, footwear and other safety accessories while enjoying fireworks. Financial planning for a lifetime also requires certain measures.

3. Risk Management

Understand that investing is different from financial planning for a lifetime. Financial planning requires a clear understanding of the risks and returns available on the different investments like shares mutual funds and fixed deposits in companies and banks So you need to draft clear risk management strategies in while constructing your portfolio.

Storing fireworks out of reach of children properly requires as much innovation as children are very smart to fool parents now-a-days and get into accidents and dangers. Parents need to be smart and creative to find out what works and what doesn’t. The same thing dear chums apply to the safety and security of our investments.

Safety and appropriate storage of our precious investments in the form of shares, mutual funds, land and flat documents, gold and gold ETF, insurance and other investments lies in storing them in separate places in lockers at home/banks and other places. In addition to storage, the information regarding where we have stored these documents should be family information and secret for safety.

Now that you have learnt a few financial planning lessons, it is time for you to apply the same. To ensure the safety of your investment strategy as natural as you safeguard yourself in Diwali, you should consider reading these important posts on Mutual Fund Investment, Stock Investment, and Financial Planning

So, stay strong on your financial commitments, as described earlier.

And, we wish you again a happy, safe and prosperous Diwali!

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