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In our company name Holistic Investment Planners, ‘Holistic’ stands for “COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE”.
The financial planning service which we offer is REALLY complete and comprehensive.Our financial planning package includes the following 7 services:
Financial Planning
Financial Plan Construction

Financial Plan ConstructionWe take into account the total income from various sources of your family. We project this income by assuming a growth rate of your income (based on your past experience). Then we take into account the total expenses of your family and project the same with assumed rate of inflation and the growth rate of increased spending due to lifestyle changes.

Like this, we project your income and expenses till your retirement and arrive at the available surplus to save year after year. Then we will find out the possibility of achieving your financial goals (like child higher education, wedding, buying a home, car, international vacation and retirement) with the projected savings. If it is possible then we proceed for the final financial plan construction.

If it is not possible to achieve all your goals with the projected savings, we will come out with the alternative suggestions like retiring later, postponing some of your goals, having a better increment rate for your income, reducing the goal values and so on. Based on the chosen alternative, we will construct the final plan.

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Risk Management
Risk Mangament
Under risk management, we cover certain precautious measures like creation of emergency reserve, the life insurance coverage required, medical insurance coverage required, and the protection against your existing assets.
Existing Portfolio Revamp
Existing Portfolio Revamp
We study all your existing investments (like insurance policy, mutual funds, shares, bonds, fixed deposits…) and find out, to what extent, these investments will support your financial goals. Is there any better alternative? If yes then you may need to few of your existing investments and move in to a fresh investment.
Investment Plan & Tax Plan

Investment Plan & Tax PlanWe will create an investment plan for the projected savings of the first year. This investment plan will take guidelines from the final financial plan. We will suggest you the specific schemes under this service. Which specific mutual fund to invest and which investment options (like growth or dividend) to choose?

Which term insurance plan to choose and what is the life cover to opt for? Which mediclaim policy to go in and what is the coverage require? All your investment queries will be answered here with specific details.

Financial Plan Review

Financial Plan Review

We do this review once in six months. If the situation demands we may do 4 reviews in a year. What kind of situations can demand Financial Plan review? We could have assumed 15% as your increment rate for your salary.

But actually you could have got 20% or you could have got 10%.

You have planned to buy a home at the end of the 3rd year. But you have got a good property deal at the end of 2nd year. Whenever, there is a deviation from our plan, then that needs to be controlled with a review.

Investment Plan Review

Investment Plan Review

Whenever we do a financial plan review, we need to do investment review also.

Apart from this the other situations (like the changes in tax code, changes in interest rates, changes in the performance of schemes and newer investment opportunities) may also demand investment plan review.

Financial Plan Execution

Financial Plan ExecutionFinancial plan execution is doing the paperwork for executing the investments as per the investment plan and doing the related follow-up services. This service is an optional service. If you want us to carry out the paper work, we will do it. If you want to invest directly with the respective mutual fund companies or insurance companies, you can do so. If you want to execute these investment decisions through some other investment broker, you can do so.

The point here is, our investment suggestions will be completely independent, neutral, unbiased and customer centric. We don’t live out of the commission income derived from these investment schemes. We focus on the fee income. Everything is transparent and you need not worry about hidden charges.

You will get these 7 services by opting for my financial planning package. That is you will be outsourcing your complete personal finance management to us.

Is Comprehensive Financial planning at Holistic Investment Planners right for you?
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