At Holistic Investment Planners we realize that each of our client is unique. We appreciate our clients and seek only the best matched individuals and families for our services. As a result we strive to develop a deeper relationship with our clients.
We don’t work with everyone for a reason
Ideal Client
We have a boutique service model where we address your unique needs and concerns. Because of this we seek to work only with clients who we can serve best and who fall into certain psychological and demographic characteristics.
Our ideal clients :
  • Are focused on building personal wealth
  • Want comprehensive financial advice
  • Appreciate our long term view of investing
  • Rely on us to guide them in creating a financial plan
  • Want us to manage their investments
  • Appreciate the value we provide and willingly pay the cost for our services
  • Trust that we will communicate important issues affecting the market
  • Don’t have to worry about the financial markets
  • Trust that we have selected appropriate financial strategies
  • Need help with financial decisions and need an advisor they can trust
  • Enthusiastically refer clients to us
Ideal Client

Demographic qualities
  • HNW senior corporate executives and NRIs.
  • Range in age from 35+
  • Annual Income Rs. 1500000+
  • Have investible assets of Rs.2500000
  • We are able to take on clients outside this range depending upon their unique situation
These are the issues that are important in their lives
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Leaving a legacy for the next generation
  • Devoting time to family vacations and down time
  • Want a meaningful, productive retirement
  • Want to maintain academic interests
Our clients like working with us because
  • We save them time
  • We are accessible
  • We are responsive
  • We have expertise
  • We have earned their trust
  • We take a comprehensive approach and cover clients’ entire financial picture

Some of our clients work in these professions
IT, ITES, Marine Services, modeling, cardiology, top level corporate executives.
Ideal Client