Market Outlook & Way Forward With Perfect Asset Allocation—An Insightful Webinar on Wealth Creation

There is Bull-market. There is Bear-market.

But the Kangaroo market would be a more appropriate name for the current market behavior.

The Covid19 pandemic was a bloodbath in the stock market last year. And out of nowhere, the market rallied for a year and more.

As per the “experts” and “predictors”, the market should have lost steam long ago. But it defied every expert prediction.

Governments increased expenditure to avert a potential recession. The US Govt. went as far as paying stimulus checks to its citizens. These and many other factors, like decreased interest rates, caused the liquidity-driven rally in the market. But this is only hindsight.

Where does the market stand now?

Now the market seems to be losing steam. And the unpredictability is only increasing. Should you book profit and come out? Should you stay invested?

What does this mean for a long-term investor?

After multiple variants and the vaccination drives, how will the market respond?

And as investors, what do we look at right now?

At Holistic Investment Planners, we asked the industry professional the same questions during the webinar. And the answers brought better clarity to the investors.

Here is the detailed market outlook and the way forward. Watch the webinar video below.

“The investor’s chief problem—and even his worst enemy—is likely to be himself.”
-Benjamin Graham

Nothing can be more precise than these words from the father of investing, Benjamin Graham.

And the only way to be not your worst enemy while investing is to work on your temperament. It frees you from the behavioral biases that make investors lose money.

It may look like a random piece of advice.

But during the webinar, our speaker shared an interesting case study of Grace Groner and Richard

Fuscone that blew investors’ minds.

Can wealth creation be that simple?

And why is asset allocation the crux of long-term wealth creation?

Discover your answers and much more in this insightful webinar session below.


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