I am pretty new to Financial planning. I have just started my journey. But the way Holisticinvestments gave the plan and their approach gave me a lot of confidence and peace of mind. Their Comprehensive financial planning is very clear and simple. Their interaction is very professional and caring. It is very much needed for long time relationship. As I believe, Financial planning is not a product to buy it is a process. I am looking forward to have knowledgeable & successful journey towards my financial freedom along with Holistic investments.

Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions 

I have achieved discipline in financial vertical after my partnership with Holistic Investment Planners. If I didn’t have the chance to meet them, I would have lost my financial security. They are using a part of investment money for my emergency requirement.

In my point of you, they are bringing financial awareness to their clients. The users can get complete and comprehensive financial planning, can achieve financial freedom, and can have the stress-free and peaceful financial life. Investment through online policy saved some money for me.

Senior Manager,Pharma MNC  Chennai 

After I met Holistic Investment Planners, I got a clear understanding of financial planning. They provide advice on different investment avenues and the help I needed on risk management. If I didn’t meet them, I would have wasted my money on other financial planners. They gave me the right advice with financial planning report and implementation plan. It was very useful for me to track my investment details.

I am satisfied with my association with them in financial advice. Apart from financial planning and advice, they provide me with some additional service on term insurance and will writing as well. So, I will recommend them to you. Try them, and then you will see the difference.

Engineer,Kuwait Oil Company  Kuwait 

Dilip Mohan

I am getting excellent returns after I have started to work with Holistic Investment Planners. If it wasn’t them, I would have wasted my time and also got fewer returns. They are always ready to help with any issues at any time. Go to them, they will save your precious time and help you to reach your financial dreams.

They did not stop with investment ideas, they also help with procedures to execute your investment plan as well. Especially Mr. Rajan, (Director and Deputy Financial Planner) who is very polite, well-manner and offering realistic and positive help to several complex issues.

Analytics Consultant  Bangalore 

After my association with Holistic Investment Planners, I have achieved considerable growth in my investment. If I have not hired them, I would not have taken advantage of the market investment because I don’t have enough knowledge and expertise in the markets.

I appreciate their way of communication and their availability when I need their consultation and advice. If you are looking for financial planners for your investments and financial goals, then I encourage you to consider the option of hiring Holistic Investment Planners.

They are experts in Financial Planning. They are planning in the present to reach the financial goals in the future. They are planning to fulfil future requirements.

Reliability Manager,Dubai Airports  Dubai 

I secured my family’s future plans with Holistic Investment planners’ professional and their well-planned investment ideas. Without them I wouldn’t have achieved my financial targets, I planned for future.

They are very informative and good at precise planning. I would definitely recommend you to take the services of Holistic Investment Planners. They are very comfortable to communicate, and I trust them to secure my financial goals.

Logistics and Equipment Supervisor,Qatar Petroleum  Qatar 

Clarity precedes success. After, closely working with Holistic Investment Planners, I now know what exactly are the actionable from my side in order to achieve my financial goals. Having a clear set of the goals is very important and what more important is getting a consultation with the current and future resource.

I cannot quantify the cost, but definitely reaching my financial goals would be difficult if I wouldn't have taken the first step. It is the stepping stone towards achieving my financial goals.

I enjoyed all my interactions with the Holistic team. For me, Holistic Investment Planners’ team is very professional and knowledgeable. Their work stream gives me the confidence in working with them again on an annual basis. I suggest Holistic Investment Planners for who are all seeking a financial planner help in planning and reaching out your goals.

Senior Business Head  Oman 

"I started my relationship with Holistic as a SIP investor 13 years ago. Though I was not continuously investing through them in the beginning, they have maintained a good relationship and very patiently kept me reminding the need for investing and using money wisely. They are very hard working people who are ready to listen to you and clear your doubts. They can find out where exactly you are making mistakes and how you are leaking/wasting money.

Last five years have been truly great for me after I decided to get into their financial planning program. I never thought I would be able to create such a corpus which is accountable, traceable, tax-effective, and fluidic in such a short time.

I would not have done this on my own. I would strongly recommend Holistic for people who are too busy to spend time on investment planning."

Senior Technical Architect, Alten Calsoftlabs (p) Ltd   Chennai 

Initially, I hesitated to go with investment planners thinking they would push me towards insurance products. One of my colleagues introduced me to Holistic investment planners in 2011. Since then, I have been using their comprehensive financial planning service.

The company is doing an excellent job in guiding and implementing my Financial Plan. I have been getting inflation-beating returns based on their guidance on my investments. Interaction with the Holistic team is very easy, and they clearly understand our needs. I always recommend Holistic Investment to my friends and colleagues who are willing to make some investments.

Sub Divisional Engineer, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited  Chennai 

Holistic Investment Planners have helped me in doing an independent evaluation on my financial health status. I was impressed by their robust methodology that took me through the process and highlighting options to meet my financial goals. This involved multiple iterations of interactions both at a personal level and other channels.

I found their financial consultants and other staff bring a personal touch and cordiality in these interactions, while at the same time maintaining a high level of professionalism. Beyond the financial assessment, Holistic has helped me keep track of the plan and providing unbiased recommendations on investments.

I consult Holistic Investment Planners for all my investment decisions - be in investment in Mutual funds, Tax planning and others. Holistic also backs me up with their extremely prompt service with a user-friendly software to keep track of investments, on a real-time basis.

Thank you, Holistic team.

COO, 1CloudHub  Chennai