It has been 5 years since I started my SIP. And I can comprehensively say that HIP is the backbone of my financial planning. Team HIP is always very supportive. Their expertise is always available for me. Especially Mr.Ramalingam and Mr.Rajan are professionally guiding me to achieve my goals. I would appreciate them for maintaining a systematic approach for every year plan like… collecting fact finders to understand any change in my goal, etc. They are conducting a scheduled review meeting to track the progress of my investment and giving feedback. If anyone wants help from experts for their financial planning, then Holistic is the right place, not because just rest assured… definitely return assured!

Nagendra Kumar V.R March 3, 2021

I am with Holistic Investment for several years now, they have helped me to streamline my investments.
Holistic is fundamentally created disciple of managing your investments in line with your goals.
Excellent guidance helped me to accomplish key goals on time.
Holistic is more than consulting – They are a lifelong guide for the true financial freedom seekers.

Srinivasan January 25, 2021

I have been associated with them for past 1 year. They are very professional in their approach. They have vast experience in the field. I would recommend financially naive individuals like me to get enrolled in their comprehensive plan. Which is helping me a lot in planning my financials confidently.

Pradeep Balaji Chennai January 21, 2021

Dilip Mohan

I’ve been using their services for the last 5 years and they have never disappointed me even once. They provide really valuable suggestions and if we need to get anything done, they do it promptly and give us the acknowledgment for it. I must especially appreciate Mr. T. Rajan for taking care of my financial plans, providing suitable advice for my portfolio and managing it. It relieves so much of my time and offloads significant pressure off me, in terms of managing my financial portfolio. I would recommend their services for anyone who wishes to have their finances handled. Kudos to your company and keep up the good work!

Dilip Mohan Australia January 21, 2021

For a returning NRI seeking a peaceful retired life and in need of advice on investment, tax planning, tax filing and organizing financial affairs, M/s Holistic Investment Planners proved to be the right people. They are always only a phone call away. They provide me with good advice and thus peace of mind.

Aslam Far Chennai January 21, 2021

Before my retirement, I contacted Holistic Investment Planners to help me in managing my investments and planning for future financial security. With their guidance and advice, I could make proper decisions and investments. After retirement, I have peace of mind regarding my finance.

Without their help, I would have ended up losing money in the wrong investments and would have become unsecured.

They gave me immediate and proper advice regarding ‘all’ my queries.

I have seen many people who worked like me in the Gulf but have ended up struggling after retirement due to improper financial planning, decisions and investments. I will recommend Holistic Investment Planners to anyone who wants to manage their finances wisely. The relationship manager assigned to me is friendly and gives proper advice to make proper financial decisions.

D.Vergin Kumar Radiographer, Ministry of Health. Sultanate of Oman September 26, 2020

Raju Unniyattil

This is my first year with Holistic Investment Planners. Rather than analysing the profit / monetary figures right investment, I would like to highlight that a feeling of security that someone is looking after and analysing my investments is there. A proper plan of how to continue with investment is drawn and discussed.

If it wasn’t them, then I might be continuing with a poor plan of financial investment which was managing myself before.

They are drawing a financial plan for the goals which I have set.

They are friendly, cooperative and ready for discussions at any time. The ideal partner for all those especially mariners who cannot actively track the market conditions due to sailing and connectivity issues

If you are thinking of hiring Holistic Investment Planners, then go for it!!!

Raju Unniyattil Chief Engineer, Mitsui OSK Lines At sea September 26, 2020

For many years, I was not sure what and why we have to invest? And I always thought simple bank savings is enough. But I realized that in order to achieve a few financial goals, there has to be a diversified portfolio to cover short and long term goals. Holistic helped me open my eyes to achieve these goals by investing in the right set of portfolios. There is still a long way to go for me but I am more confident that I can achieve some of them with constant feedback from Holistic.

They help me to get to know how things work in financial markets and some of the basics. Their staffs I work with for planning and implementation are friendly and helpful. They are not pushy and they seem to lay the facts for us to make a decision.

If I decided not to work with them, then I would have been blindfolded and may have found it very difficult to achieve my goals.

Prem Sridharan Software Architect Pune August 27, 2020


Holistic Investment Planners is a reliable organisation to entrust funds with our investments. They have a ready response to my concerns. Before I met them, I was in constant worry and tension. Now I have peace of mind in regard to the management of funds. Their personal interactions are very cordial and congenial.

S.Sreenivasan Retired Chennai August 24, 2020

After my association with Holistic Investment Planners, I learnt a lot about financial planning. For my every query, they give me a quick response. They are very professional in their work. If I did not meet them, I would have cost me a lot.

They are Trustworthy partnership.

Viswesh Architect, Natraj and Venkat architects Chennai August 11, 2020

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