I have been associated with Holistic Investment Planners for the last 6yrs and i would say i came to know about them as a novice in investing through my father who was a erstwhile client of Holistic. So technically i could call myself the second generation client of Holistic. Their approach then was more of a guide to sound investments. Over the last 6yrs, thanks to Mr.Ramalingam & his bunch of committed employees they have risen steadily to provide a complete range of services across the section of investors backed up by very sound industry knowledge and hands on experience. I was one of the first (if not the first) one to opt for Holistic’s Financial Planning/Investment Advisory services and while it took some time to bring the same into practice (which as an investor needed very high financial discipline), but i can surely commit that i am seeing results.

Their Sincere, streamlined approach to investing, cautiously mixing, reward & risk singles them out in this industry wherein commission & targets drive profits. One of the positive things that differentiates them is their willingness to listen to the investor and offer advice appropriately. I can confidently say that i have taken a correct decision as far as my investments are concerned. The effects of the downturn and treacherous markets have triggered the need for a reliable & able adviser and i would for sure suggest Holistic Investment Planners

Madhav Vaidyanath Project Leader-Bank of America Merill Lynch Chennai June 30, 2015

Earlier I was investing in different instruments basis some self study and reviews, and there was no goal specific plan. On availing the service of financial planning from Holistic Investment, I understood the importance of having an investment plan keeping the short term and long term objectives in mind. I’ve now been able to have specific investments linked to specific goals, which has given me far more confidence about my finances. Ramalingam has been an excellent advisor, not only going in a systematic way in creating the plan, but also explaining the importance of various things, implications of various types of investments and instruments and clarifying all doubts which I had in mind.

Rohit Deshmukh Deputy General Manager Alliance Tire Group (Mumbai) June 30, 2015

I have been dealing with Ramalingam and his team at holistic for the last 12+ years and I always find his judgement and wisdom on investment issues to be very sound and future proof. The entire team is very friendly and passionate about the work they do for their clients. More importantly the view that the company takes on investment is prudent and stands the test of time – a rare quality in the murky world of finance and investing. I will most gladly recommend them to any potential or existing investor.

Subramaniam Kasi Independent IT contractor London-UK June 30, 2015

Holistic Investment planners have been advising me on financial planning and Investment advisory. After taking their advise I know where I stand and what mistakes I was making in investments, they had provided me a clear guidance on how to change the financial plans and recover from the mistakes I made earlier, their expertise in investment field and customer centric approach make them best in providing financial solutions.
I wish Ramalingam and his team a continued success.

B.Kishore Kumar Consulting Serives Manager Mascon Global Limited (Chennai) June 30, 2015

My family had a very bad experience with our previous financial consultants. We have been associated with Holistic Investment Planners since 2001. They really made us feel comfortable that we currently have all our investments with them. They are methodical accurate and really holistic. We are saying this because they value people and their money and manage it meticulously. We would never use anyone else after using Holistic Investment Planners for years now.

N.Maheshanand Sr. Business Development Executive Mascon Global Limited (Chennai) June 29, 2015

Holistic Investment Planners bring to their work the two traits I believe are the most important for those working in the financial services sector: knowledge and integrity. By relying upon Holistic Investment Planners, not only will you be guided toward the most intelligent choices given your particular circumstances, you will also be certain that your best interests are heard, understood and truly taken to heart

K.Sriram Managing Director Sri Ramana Healthcare Pvt Ltd (Chennai) June 29, 2015

One of my main concerns was finding the right person to take over my financial planning. Somebody who could understand how comfortable I felt about risky investments, what my retirement goals were, and someone who could explain all the “techy” details of the different types of investments, so that I could make the right choices. I found all this in the Financial Advisor of Holistic Investment Planners and so much more. Their honest and open approach, make them easy to talk to, a must when discussing something as personal as finances. I have one less worry knowing, they are guiding me to a secure retirement. Their strong work ethics and desire to put their client’s best interests forward, have inspired an unwavering confidence that has grown over the years

Dr. Senthil kumar. T.S Consultant Anesthesiologist Chennai June 29, 2015

As a Critical Care Physician I practice ‘Holistic Medicine’ every day. I expect my financial advisors to do the same. Holistic Investments do exactly that: they listen to my request, research the market, and match it to my needs and financial health and advice me accordingly. I like them because they cater to my needs and not make me accept advice that suits their needs!!

Dr.B.Krishnamurthy KAVERI CLINIC Chennai June 29, 2015

I have been financially advised by Holistic Investment Planners since 2005 and I have had a very good experience. The sound financial advice they gave me helped me to achieve my financial goals. The Financial Advisor from Holistic spent considerable time understanding my goals and also advising me on the right approach to investments. Using financial research that Holistic had done, he was able to let me know which were the right mutual funds to invest in and allowed me to make the choice. The in-depth insights and clarity towards the markets helped me invest soundly.

Anand Vijaykumar Software Professional Chennai June 29, 2015

Holistic Investment Planners have done a commendable job in helping me and my family to identify and plan investments. Their choice of funds and the specific schemes proved to be very apt .Holistic Investment Planners is generally conservative, which in my context is to be seen as prudence. They are not at all “over aggressive” or over eager and plug for all and sundry schemes. Along with the rest of my family and a few others who have benefited from their advice, we wish their endeavour success and prosperity.

CRL. NARASIMHAN ASSOCIATE EDITOR The Hindu (Chennai) June 29, 2015

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