I have been financially advised by Holistic Investment Planners since 2005 and I have had a very good experience. The sound financial advice they gave me helped me to achieve my financial goals. The Financial Advisor from Holistic spent considerable time understanding my goals and also advising me on the right approach to investments. Using financial research that Holistic had done, he was able to let me know which were the right mutual funds to invest in and allowed me to make the choice. The in-depth insights and clarity towards the markets helped me invest soundly.

Anand Vijaykumar Software Professional Chennai June 29, 2015

Holistic Investment Planners have done a commendable job in helping me and my family to identify and plan investments. Their choice of funds and the specific schemes proved to be very apt .Holistic Investment Planners is generally conservative, which in my context is to be seen as prudence. They are not at all “over aggressive” or over eager and plug for all and sundry schemes. Along with the rest of my family and a few others who have benefited from their advice, we wish their endeavour success and prosperity.

CRL. NARASIMHAN ASSOCIATE EDITOR The Hindu (Chennai) June 29, 2015

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