Raju Unniyattil

This is my first year with Holistic Investment Planners. Rather than analysing the profit / monetary figures right investment, I would like to highlight that a feeling of security that someone is looking after and analysing my investments is there. A proper plan of how to continue with investment is drawn and discussed.

If it wasn’t them, then I might be continuing with a poor plan of financial investment which was managing myself before.

They are drawing a financial plan for the goals which I have set.

They are friendly, cooperative and ready for discussions at any time. The ideal partner for all those especially mariners who cannot actively track the market conditions due to sailing and connectivity issues

If you are thinking of hiring Holistic Investment Planners, then go for it!!!

Raju Unniyattil Chief Engineer, Mitsui OSK Lines At sea September 26, 2020

For many years, I was not sure what and why we have to invest? And I always thought simple bank savings is enough. But I realized that in order to achieve a few financial goals, there has to be a diversified portfolio to cover short and long term goals. Holistic helped me open my eyes to achieve these goals by investing in the right set of portfolios. There is still a long way to go for me but I am more confident that I can achieve some of them with constant feedback from Holistic.

They help me to get to know how things work in financial markets and some of the basics. Their staffs I work with for planning and implementation are friendly and helpful. They are not pushy and they seem to lay the facts for us to make a decision.

If I decided not to work with them, then I would have been blindfolded and may have found it very difficult to achieve my goals.

Prem Sridharan Software Architect Pune August 27, 2020


Holistic Investment Planners is a reliable organisation to entrust funds with our investments. They have a ready response to my concerns. Before I met them, I was in constant worry and tension. Now I have peace of mind in regard to the management of funds. Their personal interactions are very cordial and congenial.

S.Sreenivasan Retired Chennai August 24, 2020

After my association with Holistic Investment Planners, I learnt a lot about financial planning. For my every query, they give me a quick response. They are very professional in their work. If I did not meet them, I would have cost me a lot.

They are Trustworthy partnership.

Viswesh Architect, Natraj and Venkat architects Chennai August 11, 2020

I started investing in January 2020. Now I have seen a decent gain with the COVID 19 with the pandemic.

Without Holistic Investment Planners, I would have made the wrong choices with my investments. Also, it would have taken a lot of time and research to select the best investment plans.

Their response is very quick. I feel like it is very valuable to interact with them because of their suggestions are valuable.

With Holistic Investment Planners, your investment plans are in good hands. I can reach them easily if I have any doubts or concerns.

Lokesh Kumar Jamjoor Ramachandran Software Developer, Audimex AG Germany August 11, 2020

I have started recording my monthly cash flows after the association with Holistic Investments only. They helped me to identify the gaps between expenses vs. saving.

Holistic Investment Planners helped me to understand every aspect of personal financial planning and how each section is important from emergency fund management to forecasting future goals and including insurance planning.

If I am not associated with holistic, then I would have never thought of goal-oriented future planning of all sides and insurance requirements for a family which would have lead to a difficult path in future.

They have an excellent Management Team and they clarify questions with a lot of patience.

I would recommend Holistic Investment Planners for someone who looks to build healthy personal finance using Holistic team expertise knowledge and clarity in financial planning.

I like their financial blogs. It is very helpful. Especially, their honesty in explaining how personal finance planning cost between 3 common models of fee-only financial planners.

Bharathi Kumar Software Analyst Singapore June 22, 2020

Holistic Investment Planners disciplined my investments and savings which I was not able to do without the support. Without them, it would have cost me much more than a monetary loss.

They are not making any hasty decisions. Everything has a clear cut process and importantly Holistic keeps reminding me to check on my financial goals. This has helped a lot to keep track.

There is a free 60 minutes counselling to understand and support you. You should work with this group on a long term basis to reach your goal. I would highly recommend it.

Holistic Investment Planners is very humble and down to earth team, everyone is very respectful and calm in managing day to day affair. They go overboard in helping the customers.

Mohammed Yousuf Operations Manager, RRD Chennai June 19, 2020

Holistic Investment Planners is following the way of systematic way of building corpus to achieve the financial goal with appropriate investment analysis of my requirement.

Before I met them, I have no market knowledge for where to invest. Hence most of my fund was in FD which was getting less appreciation rate. This would have not been helped to achieve my requirement and put me at risk for the shortage of funds.

I would thank Holistic Investment Planners for making better investment plan to achieve my goals as per the required time frame. So continued with their plan and it feels happier and thus relieves my financial worries.

I like their way of studying my financial report & risk analysis.

I would say “To lead a happy life in terms of financial get their proper guidance to reach your goals.”

They follow up on investment, update the status of current market updates by email, and clarify the doubts on financial parts.

Haribaskaran Engineer UAE May 6, 2020

Holistic Investment Planners providing me with a comprehensive financial plan incorporating both my short-term & long-term goals. They are very responsive and easy access to my plans. I highly recommend them to anyone considering managing their finances. Having the experts to deal with navigating the plethora of mutual fund schemes & portfolio management frees up a lot of my time and energy spent otherwise.

If I didn’t meet them, it would have involved a lot of effort to find the right investment strategies for me.

I appreciate the financial articles that are well written and backed by data.

Navneet R Program Manager, Apple Santa Clara, California USA April 15, 2020

Holistic Investment Planners helps me to chart out my life targets/objectives. Further, based on that, they not only just formulated a financial plan but also helped me to implement the same. This resulted in a financial discipline in my life.

They are always available to answer any query related to market and financial planning.

I would recommend everyone to have financial planning in their life. Many of us either end up being too conservative or too liberal in their financial management. Holistic Investment Planners can help you in optimizing your financial planning. Thereby you can plan to achieve your life objectives in a more balanced manner. Further, they also help you in implementing your financial plan and conducts intermediate reviews to assess the performance of your investments. You will get one of the best services of Holistic Investment Planners.

I like their professionalism.

Naveen James Faculty, IIT Ropar Punjab April 1, 2020