Holistic Investment Planners carried out a systematic study of my future needs and requirements. They prepared a plan in consultation with me and my spouse to check its suitability and thereafter helped me to execute this Financial Plan. When I look back over the past 3 years, this Financial Plan had given me big confidence that I am heading in the right direction towards financial stability.

Without the support of Holistic, I would have ended up making incorrect financial decisions.

They are well organised. They keep track of my investment portfolios and are ever ready to clear my doubts about the financial concepts of investments.

You don’t have to have second thoughts about hiring them; for sure “Holistic” is the market leader in this space. They provide the best of the best services. I am one of their happy customers since 2017.

Prasanna Raaj Project Manager. Chennai. February 11, 2020

Holistic Investment Planners’ is worth the money I paid. Now I have a planned and systematic approach for my retirement. They are reviewing my portfolio at regular interval and we can easily get access to the Experts.

They have a solid approach to investments. Their plan doesn’t promise fancy returns for the sake of marketing but a pragmatic in setting goals. If it wasn’t them, I would have worked without a plan.

Balamurali Krishnamoorthy Vice President, Standard Chartered GBS Chennai January 6, 2020

Nellaiappan B

(Testimonial given recently in 2019)
After my association with Holistic, now I have good peace of mind and I don’t need to worry about investments.

They have a lot of patience for your queries and they would become another close friend who has strong financial knowledge. I like their professionalism and depth of their knowledge of financial. If it wasn’t them, I wouldn’t be a disciplined investor and that would have compelled me for unnecessary spending.

If you are planning to work with them, then definitely, you will work with them for a long lasting relationship.
(Testimonial given earlier in 2018)
I am pretty new to Financial planning. I have just started my journey. But the way Holistic Investment Planners gave the plan and their approach gave me a lot of confidence and peace of mind. Their Comprehensive financial planning is very clear and simple. Their interaction is very professional and caring. It is very much needed for a long time relationship. As I believe, Financial planning is not a product to buy it is a process. I am looking forward to having a knowledgeable & successful journey towards my financial freedom along with Holistic investments.

Nellaiappan July 16, 2019

(Testimonial given recently in 2020)
Holistic Investment Planners are systematic, thorough and meticulous in their approach towards the research they carry out before providing financial advice. They helped me to develop clarity of thought in formulating my financial goals.

They give me professional advice to invest in Mutual Funds having a good performance. Without them, my financials would not be organised.

They have been constantly monitoring the progress and implantation of the recommended plan with regular updates, giving me a sense of peace and comfort.

I would recommend Holistic Investment Planners to anyone interested in achieving financial independence. A professional organisation.

Now I feel peace of mind knowing the investments made are in high performing funds.

(Testimonial given earlier in 2019)
Holistic Investment Planners carried out a systematic study of my future needs and requirements. They formulated a plan in consultation with me to check its suitability and thereafter helped me to execute this Financial Plan. When I look back over the past 5 years, this Financial Plan gives me confidence that I am heading in the right direction towards financial stability.

The time lost in preparation for future goals is not going to come back. The earlier one starts the better. Holistic Investment Planners has helped me to organise my savings for Emergencies as well as towards preparation for Future requirements.

They are well organised. They keep track of my investment portfolios and are ever ready to clear my doubts about the financial concepts of investments.

My humble suggestion is, use the opportunity to engage with Holistic Investment Planners, discuss your requirements and observe first hand, how the professionals come up with interesting solutions.
I liked working with Holistic Investment Planners as they have a professional approach, are open to suggestions and very much oriented towards customer satisfaction.

(Testimonial given earlier in 2017)
My association with Holistic Investment Planners has been for the past 3 years. Now, I am more focused on systematic savings and thanks to the guidance from Holistic Planners. I have also started to keep track of my expenses and plan a budget for the month.

Always I had the thought of Life insurance and security of assets, but Holistic Planners were able to guide me and help me in accomplishing this. The correct advice from the team to secure the future by planning in the present is of immense value to me. Clarity in the concepts of Mutual Funds and its long term benefits were the favorite part.

From my experience, I would like to say that Holistic Planners are one of the Best in the Field of Financial Planning, and one can rely on them without any second thought.

July 16, 2019

I have been associated with Holistic Investment Planners for the past eight years. From day one, I realized that they give top priority to good customer service. They talked to us patiently and understood our needs and gave us the best of plans for us to lead a comfortable retired life. They regularly kept us informed about how our Investments were performing. Now they have made it much easier for us to view our accounts with them, by giving us access to operate online. I see that the investment options chosen by them are well researched and are good performers thus giving us good returns. I sincerely thank them for the best service.

Vasanthi Srinivasan June 20, 2019

Holistic Investment Planners gave me the confidence to achieve my Life Goals. Their availability, patience and trust are my favourite part after I began to work with them. Their Customer Orientation is their strength. They help by sharing of financial knowledge to their customers.

🙂 I would have worked with some other financial planners. But, I am not sure I would have found someone this flexible and supportive. If you are planning to hire them, then don’t think twice.

Murali AJ Manager Bangalore June 7, 2019

Before I joined Holistic Investment Planners, my investment was skewed towards a particular asset class. I would have continued in this path had it not been for intervention from them, and I feel my investment is fairly diversified now.

Holistic investment planners helped me achieve three investment objectives – Goal based investment, portfolio diversification and discipline in investing.

The quantitative and qualitative work that goes behind the assessment of mutual funds by Holistic is very structured. With so much information available on the web, it is easy to choose mutual funds on the basis of top performing funds. However, there is much more that goes being selection and proposing the fund which I find Holistic does quite well.

Their financial plan is extremely comprehensive and detailed. The team in Holistic is available throughout the year to answer any questions. There is always an effort to reach out and provide timely information through specific articles and e-mails. I have not had the need to perform any follow up to date in the last two years in regards to any of my investments.

I will highly recommend Holistic if you would like to do a fully fledged comprehensive financial plan for your financial life.

Yogesh Finance Project Manager Chennai June 1, 2019

Before I met Holistic Investment Planners, my investment was in a scattered manner in different Demat accounts. They suggested investing in debt funds which helped me gain more returns than investing in bank FDs. Or else I would have kept the money in FDs which would have resulted in lesser yield and more tax burden. Now I could bring every investment under a common platform both for my wife and myself. I opted for the retirement planning after gaining confidence in their approach to investments along with customer inputs.

Since I could not devote my time to the investment planning, I was looking for the investment planners whom I could rely upon and advice based on the market conditions. I would have lost money if I had invested more on the equity funds without the support of Holistic Investment Planners.

I like their Customer-centric approach and they are providing more friendly service. I have already recommended Holistic Investment Planners to one of my colleagues.

Muralidharan S Ashok Leyland Ltd, Assistant General Manager. Chennai May 22, 2019


(Testimonial given recently in 2019)
The finance advice and the investment advisory service that I received from the Holistic Investment Planners was meticulous. To my relief, they created a well-diversified mutual fund portfolio to make the right investments and they are conducting a periodical portfolio review for maintaining good returns.

I would recommend Holistic Investment Planners to anyone who wants to achieve their financial goals.
(Testimonial given earlier in 2015)
I am dealing with Holistic Investment Planners since 2000. I have got excellent results after working with them. I was able to do my daughter’s marriage only with the help of Holistic Investment Planners. I am getting good support from their staffs all the time. I can refer Holistic to my Friends & Relatives. I wish them all Prosperity & Development in the Years to come.

K.P.Surendran Madras Aluminium Company Ltd, Retired Engineer Mettur May 15, 2019

Subject knowledge and the transparency with which Holistic Investment Planners operate is my favorite part of work. Before my association with them, I had a nil investment and I have never realized the importance of my financial goals. Now I have a complete portfolio geared towards realizing my financial goals.

Transparency is their key, some of the doubts that I had with the specific funds that were recommended was put to rest. Holistic Investment gives me a clear explanation on the factors that led them to those specific recommendations was very insightful.

I will say, “It is your loss if you choose to hire other financial planners.”

Sathyakumar Seshachalam Technical Architect, Trimble Chennai May 15, 2019