Clarity precedes success. After, closely working with Holistic Investment Planners, I now know what exactly are the actionable from my side in order to achieve my financial goals. Having a clear set of the goals is very important and what more important is getting a consultation with the current and future resource.

I cannot quantify the cost, but definitely reaching my financial goals would be difficult if I wouldn’t have taken the first step. It is the stepping stone towards achieving my financial goals.

I enjoyed all my interactions with the Holistic team. For me, Holistic Investment Planners’ team is very professional and knowledgeable. Their work stream gives me the confidence in working with them again on an annual basis. I suggest Holistic Investment Planners for who are all seeking a financial planner help in planning and reaching out your goals.

Anurag Kumar Senior Business Head Oman September 26, 2018


“I started my relationship with Holistic as a SIP investor 13 years ago. Though I was not continuously investing through them in the beginning, they have maintained a good relationship and very patiently kept me reminding the need for investing and using money wisely. They are very hard working people who are ready to listen to you and clear your doubts. They can find out where exactly you are making mistakes and how you are leaking/wasting money.

Last five years have been truly great for me after I decided to get into their financial planning program. I never thought I would be able to create such a corpus which is accountable, traceable, tax-effective, and fluidic in such a short time.

I would not have done this on my own. I would strongly recommend Holistic for people who are too busy to spend time on investment planning.”

Joe Antony Senior Technical Architect, Alten Calsoftlabs (p) Ltd Chennai July 24, 2018

Initially, I hesitated to go with investment planners thinking they would push me towards insurance products. One of my colleagues introduced me to Holistic investment planners in 2011. Since then, I have been using their comprehensive financial planning service.

The company is doing an excellent job in guiding and implementing my Financial Plan. I have been getting inflation-beating returns based on their guidance on my investments. Interaction with the Holistic team is very easy, and they clearly understand our needs. I always recommend Holistic Investment to my friends and colleagues who are willing to make some investments.

Lokeshkumar E Sub Divisional Engineer, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Chennai June 21, 2018

Sridhar Manirao

Holistic Investment Planners have helped me in doing an independent evaluation on my financial health status. I was impressed by their robust methodology that took me through the process and highlighting options to meet my financial goals. This involved multiple iterations of interactions both at a personal level and other channels.

I found their financial consultants and other staff bring a personal touch and cordiality in these interactions, while at the same time maintaining a high level of professionalism. Beyond the financial assessment, Holistic has helped me keep track of the plan and providing unbiased recommendations on investments.

I consult Holistic Investment Planners for all my investment decisions – be in investment in Mutual funds, Tax planning and others. Holistic also backs me up with their extremely prompt service with a user-friendly software to keep track of investments, on a real-time basis.

Thank you, Holistic team.

Sridhar Manirao COO, 1CloudHub Chennai May 17, 2018


(Testimonial given recently in 2018)

I’ve been working with Holistic since 2011. I have been planning my investments systematically to meet my short and long-term goal requirements. The guidance of my planner has enabled me to keep an eye on my financials and invest in the right debt/equity schemes. Without their support, I would have probably continued investing in an ad-hoc and under-informed manner, and wouldn’t have struck the right balance to meet my requirements.

I like their detailed planning, follow-through on actions and mid-term review. Their financial planners are always available to answer any queries and provide assistance on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year. Do not hesitate, go for it. The returns you’ll get over time by following the financial plan will far outweigh the investment in hiring the services.

Holistic follows a systematic process and facilitates the customers to have a good understanding and grip over their financials.


(Testimonial given earlier in 2016)

I find Holistic Investment team very responsive and diligent. They attempt to understand the goals and objectives, or the changes happening due to the dynamic situations, very thoroughly before recommending an investment plan.

It is very easy to work with them because the investments are linked to specific goals, and whenever I need a certain amount for any reason, I always approach them, and they advise me from which investment to withdraw/redeem. Similarly, in case of a surplus, they recommend an appropriate plan for it.

The breakup between debt and equity has worked well, and I’ve never faced a situation where I am exiting from an equity investment at an inappropriate time due to an emergency. The short-term requirements have been well managed through the debt investments. Overall, Holistic Investment has been very cooperative and responsive to my needs.

Rohit Deshmukh Operations Director- South Asia, Cochlear Mumbai May 16, 2018

Atul Kamat 2

(Testimonial given recently in 2019)

Holistic Investment Planners’ methodology of financial planning was in alignment to my own thought process. Their structured & scientific approach for detailed calculation makes the plan very clear.

Financial planners’ independently validated my investment planning and asset allocation against financial goals. Expert advice from Holistic Investment Planners has a robust plan. They addressed gaps and identified areas of improvement.

If I didn’t have met them, I might have potential gaps in planning in terms of having a robust plan which factors inflation. If you want to secure your future, Go ahead and hire them.

They have award winning financial planning team!!

Keep up the good work!!

(Testimonial given earlier in 2018)
Holistic Investment Planners validated my financial position prior to moving from UAE to Goa, India & recommended Mutual Fund Investments effectively to achieve my planned goals.

Without them, I would have made wrong MF Investments & that would have had a long-term impact on my goals.

Their structured approach to financial planning has been helping me manage my personal finances well.

Atul Kamat
Project Consultant & Business Associate
Al Khayyat Investments

Atul Kamat Consultant Goa April 19, 2018

Sriram Somasuntharam

Since 2009, I have been using the services of Holistic Investment Planners. The company has done an excellent job in implementing my Financial Plan. I have been getting inflation-beating returns based on their guidance on my investments.

Sriram Somasuntharam Senior Executive, Cater Pillar Chennai April 9, 2018

I had some difficulty to execute my financial plans before working with Holistic. Now, I am on track to achieve my short term and long term financial goals. I have learnt about the influence of inflation on financial planning, and I am balancing my daily needs with better control on future goals.

I wouldn’t have planned my long-term goals properly, and perhaps would have lost faith in my ability to meet some of my dreams. Support and guidance provided by the executives are very professional and friendly. Choosing Holistic for my financial planning would be one of my best decisions in life for sure.

NagendraKumar V R Deputy Manager, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Chennai April 6, 2018

Ganesh Namasivayam

I got introduced to this team in 2006. Their staff members came across with a difference, in that unlike other financial advisors then, they did not push any insurance policies on me and suggested better investment options.

While that was a striking difference as we started discussing and working together and started investing in mutual funds again a key difference – Holistic Investment Planners/ financial planners – are not the ones who shuffle your portfolio every other year. In the last 12 years we have probably dropped couple of funds and added more. This shows their long-term focus on value growth [unlike others who churn for the commission that comes in].

While this is the core, the consistency in sending the report for 12×12 months without any fail, patient explanation of market situation during the ups and downs [2008-2014-2018] etc., meant I never ever wanted to think of any other option.

I take this moment to thank for the excellent support throughout these years. I am looking forward to a longer rewarding association with Holistic Investment Planners, and I wish them all the very best!

Ganesh Namasivayam Senior Executive, Aricent Technologies March 26, 2018

Saikumaar Nagarajan

Holistic Investment planners combine the right mix of market and financial knowledge with customer-centric financial planning. I have always found their Financial Planners to be very well informed, and have never encountered any misselling from them. I believe I can count on them to have my best interests in mind when they make a recommendation.

Saikumar Nagarajan Senior Executive, Mahindra & Mahindra March 26, 2018