(Testimonial given recently in 2020)
Thanks to Holistic Investment Planners I was able to develop clarity of thought regarding my financial goals which were translated into a financial plan which was then executed with the able assistance of financial advisors.

Before I took the help of Holistic Investment Planners I was unsure of my financial goals and had my investments spread over 25 different funds. But now I am sure about my goals and am confident that I am on the right path.

They are systematic, thorough and meticulous. They are happy to explain any doubts or questions whatsoever whether it is regarding a fund category or a specific fund’s performance. They do not try to force a decision on anybody, rather they explain their rationale in a way one can understand and leave the decision in the hands of the client. My own knowledge level of MFs has increased thanks to the interaction with them.

I would recommend Holistic Planners to anyone interested in achieving financial independence.

Please keep up the good work.
(Testimonial given earlier in 2019)

My association with Holistic Investment Planners was a journey involving introspection on life goals and improving my financial literacy. They gave me clear formulation of financial plan to meet my objectives. And I am sure you will not regret it. They will help you become financially aware and achieve your financial goals. If I didn’t meet them, then I might be a person who waste his time and money, and not being able to meet my goals.

Everything that Holistic did was thorough, professional and methodical. Starting from the formulation of the financial plan, followed by detailed analysis of existing investments, then a detailed step by step implementation plan along with reason(s)/justification, multiple discussions to clarify any doubts/questions, and periodic follow up from the team on implementation were some of the things I really liked.

There was a lot of information and knowledge sharing and the decisions were put in context and I was made aware of the history and bigger picture behind those decisions, many of these discussions were directly with the Director & CEO of the firm who never hesitated to answer any doubts/questions that I might have had. It was a good two way discussion and I felt that my opinions and preferences were being taken into consideration.

It has been one year and it has been a very good engagement so far and I am comfortable and confident of my decision and look forward to continuing with Holistic.

Vaidyanathan Design Engineer, Texas Instruments Bangalore March 26, 2019

Nagendra Kumar

Holistic is the best place to learn about financial planning and structure our portfolio as per our dream’s requirement. Experts in the organization are always ready to approach and get clarified all our doubts and guidance for our future.

Having them in our financial life is best investment we do for our self. Because of them now I am travelling in right path to achieve my dreams and retirement plan. I like their steadfast support when it’s come to financial planning.

If I didn’t meet them in the right time, I may not have proper portfolio for myself which would have cost me to work harder to achieve my dreams.

Nagendra Kumar V.R Assistant Manager, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles India Private Limited Chennai March 19, 2019

(Testimonial given recently in 2020)
Holistic Investment Planners are providing me with hassle-free and Best future planning. I like their timely guidance and clarity. I chose to work only with them based on their performances.

I will definitely recommend if you are looking for the right financial planners for you. It is better to discuss market changes with them before making an investment decision.

(Testimonial given earlier in 2015)

When I started to work with Holistic Investment Planners, first of all, I was educated about financial planning, then I started systematic investment and now my investment return is growing. They advised me to start systematic investments to achieve my financial goals. And from the experience of holistic, it is really rewarding.

Maybe I might have failed in achieving my future plans if I didn’t follow their advice. They have very cordial staffs and they give me timely advice which helps me to achieve my financial goals. They ease my investment to live a stress-free financial life.

Sundar C Doctor, Kauvery Hospital Chennai February 15, 2019

To have a plan is a key to success; Holistic Investment Planners did exactly that. They gave me a plan to meet my goals. I got started with them exactly a year back and I am very comfortable with their planning and execution.
I wouldn’t know how to meet my future needs without a proper plan. Financial plan for me is an extremely risky situation and it could cost me all things I care dearly.

If you are planning to hire them, then you are in great hands, they genuinely work with you to understand not only your goals but your thought about investment and devise a plan accordingly. They have a customer friendly team with quick response to queries over emails, phone calls, etc.

I have always been received well by the Financial Planners and Customer Support Team; they indeed made it easy to get the ball rolling as I was starting for the first time into investments.

Hemanth Manager-McAfee Bangalore February 2, 2019


Holistic Investment Planners cleared the cloud in my mind on planning my personal investments. They are planning ahead for life goals with a discipline, and conservative / balanced approach. I think it is difficult to put a value of my loss, if I wouldn’t meet them.

I trust them because of their unbiased recommendations, conservative approach while maximizing returns customised to suit to individuals goals. They are trusted professional when it comes to your financial life. They are giving timely response and they respect timelines.

Mahesh Parameswaran Sr.Director,Falcon group Singapore January 22, 2019


(Testimonial given recently in 2020)
Holistic Investment Planners providing me a good comprehensive financial plan service. I like their professional approach. They are very trustable financial planners. If it wasn’t them, I would have been indiscipline in my investments.
(Testimonial given earlier in 2019)

Holistic Investment Planners are disciplined in financial planning. They got good Certified Financial Planners who will not only create financial plan but also assist me to implement. Now my financial future looks stable and achievable.

If it wasn’t for them, I would be still hesitating to start the financial planning and investments.
They are good at financial planning and giving proper guidance to achieve my goals.

I will surely recommend Holistic Investment Planners to others. They are very professional and experts in their job, and trusted with your financial life.

They are providing professional service. I like their professional ethics and systematic work. Their articles create knowledge and awareness of present market situations and are well detailed.

Ramadurai Kothandaraman Sr. ENGINEER ,DEBAJ Industrial Services Doha, Qatar January 22, 2019

S Lakshmanan

I have achieved discipline in financial vertical after my partnership with Holistic Investment Planners. If I didn’t have the chance to meet them, I would have lost my financial security. They are using a part of investment money for my emergency requirement.

In my point of you, they are bringing financial awareness to their clients. The users can get complete and comprehensive financial planning, can achieve financial freedom, and can have the stress-free and peaceful financial life. Investment through online policy saved some money for me.

S Lakshmanan Senior Manager,Pharma MNC Chennai November 12, 2018

Loganathan D

After I met Holistic Investment Planners, I got a clear understanding of financial planning. They provide advice on different investment avenues and the help I needed on risk management. If I didn’t meet them, I would have wasted my money on other financial planners. They gave me the right advice with financial planning report and implementation plan. It was very useful for me to track my investment details.

I am satisfied with my association with them in financial advice. Apart from financial planning and advice, they provide me with some additional service on term insurance and will writing as well. So, I will recommend them to you. Try them, and then you will see the difference.

D. Loganathan Engineer,Kuwait Oil Company Kuwait October 25, 2018

Dilip Mohan

(Testimonial given recently in 2019)
Holistic Investment Planners have been providing very professional service, honest opinions and great execution of financial plans. If I did not meet them, then I would have lost lots and lots of time which I could use productively.

They have a solution for every financial need. They help me to plan my financial portfolio and appropriate investment.

They help a great deal in shaping our financial futures. The planning and execution of details are sharp, and they provide honest and practical answers for all our financial questions.
(Testimonial given earlier in 2018)
I am getting excellent returns after I have started to work with Holistic Investment Planners. If it wasn’t them, I would have wasted my time and also got fewer returns. They are always ready to help with any issues at any time. Go to them, they will save your precious time and help you to reach your financial dreams.

They did not stop with investment ideas, they also help with procedures to execute your investment plan as well. Especially Mr. Rajan, (Director and Deputy Financial Planner) who is very polite, well-manner and offering realistic and positive help to several complex issues.

Dilip Mohan Chief Data Scientist - cum- Mentor, Optimize Indian Bangalore October 25, 2018

Kuthubuddin Mohamed1

After my association with Holistic Investment Planners, I have achieved considerable growth in my investment. If I have not hired them, I would not have taken advantage of the market investment because I don’t have enough knowledge and expertise in the markets.

I appreciate their way of communication and their availability when I need their consultation and advice. If you are looking for financial planners for your investments and financial goals, then I encourage you to consider the option of hiring Holistic Investment Planners.

They are experts in Financial Planning. They are planning in the present to reach the financial goals in the future. They are planning to fulfil future requirements.

Kuthubuddin Mohamed Reliability Manager,Dubai Airports Dubai October 25, 2018