Atul Kamat 2

(Testimonial given recently in 2019)

Holistic Investment Planners’ methodology of financial planning was in alignment to my own thought process. Their structured & scientific approach for detailed calculation makes the plan very clear.

Financial planners’ independently validated my investment planning and asset allocation against financial goals. Expert advice from Holistic Investment Planners has a robust plan. They addressed gaps and identified areas of improvement.

If I didn’t have met them, I might have potential gaps in planning in terms of having a robust plan which factors inflation. If you want to secure your future, Go ahead and hire them.

They have award winning financial planning team!!

Keep up the good work!!

(Testimonial given earlier in 2018)
Holistic Investment Planners validated my financial position prior to moving from UAE to Goa, India & recommended Mutual Fund Investments effectively to achieve my planned goals.

Without them, I would have made wrong MF Investments & that would have had a long-term impact on my goals.

Their structured approach to financial planning has been helping me manage my personal finances well.

Atul Kamat
Project Consultant & Business Associate
Al Khayyat Investments

Atul Kamat Consultant Goa April 19, 2018

Sriram Somasuntharam

Since 2009, I have been using the services of Holistic Investment Planners. The company has done an excellent job in implementing my Financial Plan. I have been getting inflation-beating returns based on their guidance on my investments.

Sriram Somasuntharam Senior Executive, Cater Pillar Chennai April 9, 2018

I had some difficulty to execute my financial plans before working with Holistic. Now, I am on track to achieve my short term and long term financial goals. I have learnt about the influence of inflation on financial planning, and I am balancing my daily needs with better control on future goals.

I wouldn’t have planned my long-term goals properly, and perhaps would have lost faith in my ability to meet some of my dreams. Support and guidance provided by the executives are very professional and friendly. Choosing Holistic for my financial planning would be one of my best decisions in life for sure.

NagendraKumar V R Deputy Manager, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Chennai April 6, 2018

Ganesh Namasivayam

I got introduced to this team in 2006. Their staff members came across with a difference, in that unlike other financial advisors then, they did not push any insurance policies on me and suggested better investment options.

While that was a striking difference as we started discussing and working together and started investing in mutual funds again a key difference – Holistic Investment Planners/ financial planners – are not the ones who shuffle your portfolio every other year. In the last 12 years we have probably dropped couple of funds and added more. This shows their long-term focus on value growth [unlike others who churn for the commission that comes in].

While this is the core, the consistency in sending the report for 12×12 months without any fail, patient explanation of market situation during the ups and downs [2008-2014-2018] etc., meant I never ever wanted to think of any other option.

I take this moment to thank for the excellent support throughout these years. I am looking forward to a longer rewarding association with Holistic Investment Planners, and I wish them all the very best!

Ganesh Namasivayam Senior Executive, Aricent Technologies March 26, 2018

Saikumaar Nagarajan

Holistic Investment planners combine the right mix of market and financial knowledge with customer-centric financial planning. I have always found their Financial Planners to be very well informed, and have never encountered any misselling from them. I believe I can count on them to have my best interests in mind when they make a recommendation.

Saikumar Nagarajan Senior Executive, Mahindra & Mahindra March 26, 2018

Mrs. Jayashree

Interaction with the Holistic team is very easy, and they clearly understand our needs”.
I understood their recommendations and gained some amount of income tax and some margins on investment.
I could not have got any ideas for investment without Holistic Investment Planners. Now I have got exposure to investments like mutual funds.
I can feel that everything is good now, and it will be the same in future as well.

Mrs Jayashree Executive-Secretary, Thermodyne Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai March 26, 2018

Vijay chacko

Initially I did not have any great clarity on Mutual Funds and was averse of investing in them. Gradually through meetings with Holistic representatives, they informed me of the advantages of investing in Mutual funds and removed most of my misgivings. Even then, I approached Mutual Funds from a tax saving, compulsory perspective rather than a wealth creating one. During a cash crunch I used to get irritated with the monthly SIP’s. But somehow I stuck on. And it is perhaps one of the wisest things I have done.

A couple of years ago, faced with a huge payment towards a property purchase, I was wondering where to raise the funds from. During one of those moments, the monthly update from Holistic landed in my inbox. I used to barely glance at them previously and left them unopened. That day I opened my statement and was amazed to see the profit I had gained from my systematic investment. After conferring with Holistic, I withdrew some funds, easily met my obligation and had profits in reserve. Yes, it does go up and down, but I for one have witnessed, first-hand the benefit of saving in a Mutual Fund. In the recent past, I have often dipped into my mutual funds to meet some unforeseen expenses and it is invaluable to me.

I would always recommend Holistic Investment to anyone who is willing to make some investments in Mutual Funds. They are sincere, practical and constantly available for discussions. They are also extremely professional and go the extra mile to take care of all your needs.


Vijay Chacko Director Brandwave Communications (P) Ltd., (Chennai) March 23, 2018

lakshminath namburi

It has not dawned on me until I came across Holistic that one should always leave financial planning to the experts in the field.Since I started my career in 2001, I have been managing savings on my own in a conservative manner using well known “Fixed Deposits” with little satisfaction that my money is not keeping up with the pace of the economy. I didn’t dare entering the stock market on my own, because financial investing/ planning is not my background, besides I have a busy profession to attend to.

Holistic has done a very rigorous job in taking stock of my situation and coming up with a financial plan that is well balanced with various investment options. I find that they are experts at tracking the performance of funds they recommend and they know how and when to enter/exit the funds which is key to making money. They have educated me on various occasions and demystified certain myths which is very satiating. I feel more comfortable working with them compared to the financial planners I came across in the US.Their fee based approach is quite attractive which is regardless of net worth of the individual. I think they are the best option for NRIs managing money in India.

I have been associated with Holistic for a little over one year now and I am at ease regarding my financial planning. My only regret is, I was not associated with them since I began my career. I would have been a lot far ahead in chasing my financial dreams had I done so.

Lakshmikanth Namburi Senior Director, Research & Development ADVANTEST AMERICA March 23, 2018

Sudharshan MK

Sometime in 2005, I began consulting Holistic on building a personal investment portfolio. I started with small but regular monthly SIP plans. After more than 15 years of working with Holistic, I could meet some of my very major desired long-term financial goals in life.

I used to invest sporadically and without any clear strategy in several instruments such as company stocks and debentures through the secondary market, company fixed deposits, government schemes and private equity. It was only after I began consulting with Holistic that I began to strategize seriously around such sound concepts as (1) balancing short-term and long-term financial goals, (2) asset allocation between debt and equity instruments, (3) tax efficiency, (4) power of compounding, (5) comparative assessment of MF performance, (6) staying inflation hedge (7) exit, etc.

Probably, I would have continued to invest in a haphazard manner in various investment avenues on a “hit-and- miss” or “knee-jerk” basis rather based on a logical, planned and patient strategy that balances risk and benefit, greed and prudence and immediate gains and future value.

Personal service, counsel and interaction with a full-time financial advisor assigned to me and to my account was the best part of working with Holistic. Over a period of 13 years, it was possible to develop a close and personal relationship with the assigned advisor who became like a family guide/mentor for all investment decisions.

The “trust quotient” started growing and comfort levels with the advisor began strengthening as time passed. This led to better understanding of investment capacity, real expectations of returns and investment time-horizons.

Prompt response for inquiries, timely report-back, complete handholding for all paperwork, valuable feedback regarding taxation issues, house-calls and excellent troubleshooting assistance were the other aspects of the personalized service I greatly appreciated receiving from Holistic.

If you want to invest smartly, and wish to be affected by neither “irrational market
exuberance” nor anxiety, and if you want to build long-term net-worth with neither too much greed nor conservatism as motivation, you can trust Holistic to not only show you the way but also help you walk through it.

Sudarshan M K Retired CFO Chennai March 1, 2018


Holistic Investment Planners has very sincere Financial Advisors for personal finance/portfolio management. I was a conservative person in the beginning and I kept my surplus fund in public sector bank as fixed deposits. The Financial Planners at Holistic Investment first exposed me to the idea of investing in the mutual fund and maximizing returns on investment.

If I had not worked with Holistic Investment Planners, I would have continued to invest in fixed deposits of different small savings schemes of the Government, and consequently had the loss of returns to the tune of 7-8% per annum.

They have a very inclusive approach to a middle-class investor. They are prompt and explain the schemes in common man’s language. They also monitor the invested schemes regularly so that the returns are maintained steadily.

I am glad to have joined Holistic for my Financial Investments.

Animesh Retired Vice President Balmer Lawrie limited Chennai March 1, 2018

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