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When everything changes upside down, it is not wise to take a decision in the heat of the moment unless it is urgent.

The same applies to our Investment Portfolio.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” -Albert Einstein

As an Investor, you must constantly question what could be made better in your investment portfolio.

You should review your plans to make it foolproof!

That’s why we at Holistic Investment Planners offer second opinion or one-time portfolio review.

What is the second opinion/one-time portfolio review?
A second opinion or one-time portfolio review is nothing but financial health check-up for your portfolio. This plan will help you to analyse your investments or your overall investment strategy, your investment strategy, current risk level in your portfolio, tax efficiency, fund performances, and asset allocation.

Based on the analysis, you can rebalance your portfolio or get investment suggestion from the investment advisors to recover your portfolio from the crisis.

How do I know whether I need a second opinion/one-time portfolio review or not?

Let’s take a moment and ask the following questions to yourself.

  • Are you taking more risk than you have planned?
  • Could it be doing better if you switch your investment?
  • Are you missing any new opportunities?
  • Is your portfolio last as long as you need it to?
  • Are you aware of the current outlook for your investment portfolio?
  • Is the risk level suitable for you?
  • Do you think…your portfolio needs some adjustments that should you make?
  • Is your portfolio meeting your needs?
  • Are you comfortable with your current investment risk in your portfolio?

If your answer is “yes” for most of the questions, then you need a second opinion/one-time portfolio review for your portfolio.

Apart from this when do you need to review your portfolio?
1. If you have got a job in abroad or planning to return to the homeland.

2. Whenever changes happen in your financial situation

3. If you are planning to purchase a new investment product

4. If you are not sure about your investment strategy

5. Tax implication

6. If you are not comfortable with the risk level in your investment portfolio

7. If you think, your investment advisor/relationship manager is selling you an investment product instead of giving you a proper investment suggestion you need

8. If you are managing your investments by yourself

9. Whenever the stock market fluctuates abnormally /during the financial crisis

10. At least once in six months

11. If you think how an investment plan can help you to achieve your financial goal

12. If you don’t have time to review your investment portfolio

13. End of every financial year

What we will do in second opinion/one-time portfolio service?
In our second opinion service/one-time portfolio review, our Certified Financial Planners/Investment Advisors will analyse your overall portfolio. They will give you a clear insight about your investments and its performance, fund suggestion/revamp suggestion if required.

These suggestions will help you to review, rebalance and optimise your portfolio.

Getting a second opinion/one-time portfolio review is an extra mile to grow your wealth. It can help you in any situation

What are the benefits you will get through our second opinion or one-time portfolio review plan?
Optimizing our second opinion/one-time portfolio review will help you to achieve your financial goals faster and better. Here are some of the important benefits you will get in our second opinion plan.
Portfolio Analysis:
We analyse your overall portfolio and every investment plan which include Mutual Fund, ULIP, PPF, insurance plan, and other investment. We will give you a clear insight into the performance of your investments.
Analyse the risk level in your portfolio:
We analyse the risk level in your portfolio and will help you to identify whether the present risk level is what you want or not. Also, we will give you a revamp suggestion based on your current risk level. If feasible, we will suggest investment which gives you a similar return with low risk.
Revamp suggestion:
Is your investment performing better than the benchmark? Is your investment performing better than the category average?

How your investments have performed? How is it expected to perform? Do we need to change it to make your portfolio recover faster and better?
We will suggest to you how can you optimise your portfolio and rebalance your portfolio.

Tax efficiency:
Getting a second opinion/one-time portfolio review will help you to understand the tax efficiency of your investments. We will analyse your investments and let you know how you can increase the post-tax investment return.
How getting a second opinion or a one-time portfolio review can help you?
By opting for this service; you will get a second opinion on your portfolio from the experts (financial planners/investment advisors).

It will help you to review, revamp, and rebalance your portfolio during the financial crisis or when it needs.

What is the fee of this second opinion/one-time portfolio review?

Our second opinion / one-time portfolio review fee is just Rs.995 only.

Make use of this chance and grow your portfolio faster and better now!

Click the below link to get the second opinion or one-time portfolio review!

Click Here (Pay Rs. 995)


[toggle title=’1. Can anyone get this plan?’]Any investor can get this second opinion or one-time portfolio service. We do analysis based on your requirement.[/toggle] [toggle title=’2. How much will it cost?’]Our second opinion/one-time portfolio review will cost Rs. 995 (no additional charges) for a single time.[/toggle] [toggle title=’3. Who will review my portfolio?’]Our Certified Financial Planners/Experienced Investment Advisors will review your investment portfolio directly.[/toggle] [toggle title=’4. Should I opt for this plan only on crucial times or anytime?’]No. You can opt for this plan when you require.[/toggle] [toggle title=’5. Will my investment details secured with you?’]Yes. Your investment details will be secured with us.[/toggle]

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