Popular Stock Market Indicators that Investors Use to Book Profit

The stock market is financial democracy in practice.

Anyone can invest. Buying stock in the stock market is a matter of a click now.

But the process that goes into choosing the right stock makes the difference. It will decide whether you become a successful investor or just a wannabe.

One of the best things about the stock market investment is its transparency. You have access to all the data you need to analyse any listed stock.

So what stock market indicators should you look at before buying a stock?

Is it the P/S Ratio? Or ROE? P/B? FCF? P/E or PEG?

OMG! Right? There are just too many variables.

Warren Buffet said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”.

It may be a hint to look at the Price to Earnings ratio.

Should you pick a stock based on the P/E ratio?

Are there any other subjective factors you should consider?

We explored the answers in the webinar with Axis Mutual Fund hosted by Holist Investment Planners.

Discover your answers in the video below before you invest in the stock market:


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