I have been using the services of Holistic Investment Planners for more than 3 years now and when I look back it seems to have been one of best decisions I took. While I was never in doubt on the need to take expert help in my financial planning the problem was about choosing the right one and here is where I am very thankful to have got in touch with the key peoples of Holistic Investment Planners.

In our very first interaction itself they took lot of time to understand my present situation and a complete detailing of future aspirations/plans. I must say that they created a financial plan for execution in a very transparent manner which I could own up immediately because of the way they went about doing this. I have being executing the recommended plan to the last detail and can the see the results for myself.

Given my age and stage in career it is their advice and plan I must thank for rebalancing my portfolio with good quality debt funds and retaining certain part of my equity funds to create an adequate corpus for retirement in tax efficient manner. If not for their suggestions I may locked up funds in bank FD’s and POSMIS schemes to name a few. The best part I liked about working with Holistic Planners is that you will not see any hidden agenda in their recommendations. The key people are easily approachable and are there for you to educate, clarify any doubts you may have from time to time. This helps develops lot of trust in the relationship.

If you are looking for a trustworthy financial planner who has only your financial goals in mind while making recommendations and takes a long term view while drawing up your plan in holistic manner I would say “ Holistic Investment Planners “ is the right up there.

V.SOURIRAJAN Director- Olympus Therapeutics Pvt Ltd.