Anurag Kumar

Anurag Kumar

Clarity precedes success. After, closely working with Holistic Investment Planners, I now know what exactly are the actionable from my side in order to achieve my financial goals. Having a clear set of the goals is very important and what more important is getting a consultation with the current and future resource.

I cannot quantify the cost, but definitely reaching my financial goals would be difficult if I wouldn’t have taken the first step. It is the stepping stone towards achieving my financial goals.

I enjoyed all my interactions with the Holistic team. For me, Holistic Investment Planners’ team is very professional and knowledgeable. Their work stream gives me the confidence in working with them again on an annual basis. I suggest Holistic Investment Planners for who are all seeking a financial planner help in planning and reaching out your goals.

Anurag Kumar Senior Business Head

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