Atul Kamat 2

Atul Kamat

Atul Kamat 2

Atul Kamat

(Testimonial given recently in 2019)

Holistic Investment Planners’ methodology of financial planning was in alignment to my own thought process. Their structured & scientific approach for detailed calculation makes the plan very clear.

Financial planners’ independently validated my investment planning and asset allocation against financial goals. Expert advice from Holistic Investment Planners has a robust plan. They addressed gaps and identified areas of improvement.

If I didn’t have met them, I might have potential gaps in planning in terms of having a robust plan which factors inflation. If you want to secure your future, Go ahead and hire them.

They have award winning financial planning team!!

Keep up the good work!!

(Testimonial given earlier in 2018)
Holistic Investment Planners validated my financial position prior to moving from UAE to Goa, India & recommended Mutual Fund Investments effectively to achieve my planned goals.

Without them, I would have made wrong MF Investments & that would have had a long-term impact on my goals.

Their structured approach to financial planning has been helping me manage my personal finances well.

Atul Kamat
Project Consultant & Business Associate
Al Khayyat Investments

Atul Kamat Consultant

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