Dilip Mohan

Dilip Mohan

Working with Holistic Investment Planners helped me chart out my financial needs clearly. Not only that but also provided me the clarity in terms of channelizing my investments in proper instruments and getting out the expected results at appropriate times. It gave me so much of time in my life to focus on developing myself and go after my pursuits with confidence. Plus better returns, of course. It’s difficult to put a quantitative value if I had not worked with this team. But, I could say that I’d definitely have not got the quality of life that I have now. The way they respond to my requests immediately and come up with suitable solutions is fascinating. And the respect they provide to me, as a customer, is extremely satisfying. They really are doing their work professionally and help us to get what we need, in terms of managing our finances.

Dilip Mohan Senior Associate, Risk Analytics, IFMR Capital

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