Mudit Pandey

Mudit Pandey

(Testimonial given recently in 2020)
Holistic Investment Planners providing better financial planning.

Now I have well planned financial life, health insurance for my family, and adequate savings for my short, medium and long term goals. They have a great team to work with. Their financial planning has a personal touch.

If I have not met them, I might not have enough savings for the future and have no adequate life and health insurance.

But now they created all-around financial coverage for me.

They are always available to support and answer queries.

(Testimonial given earlier in 2017)
Being a member of holistic group, now I can say that I became more confident about my future. My family is secure because of financial planning done by holistic investment planners. I could buy a house and a car because of accurate financial planning done by them.

I am less worried about family’s future and medical emergencies. Also my loan burden is substantially reduced because of accurate and risk based planning done. All these transformations happened with the help of Holistic Investment Planners only.

If I had not associated with them, incorrect investments would have caused losses, missing life insurance planning would have had my family’s future at risk and loan burden may have given me mental pressure.

Personalized advise and 24/7 accessibility are the favorite part of working with them. Don’t think twice before you hire “Holistic investment planners”.I don’t know if they are the best but their financial planning strategy is the most complete one that I have known. They take care of our financial future with 100% perspective and help you save your time by not thinking on financial matters.

Mudit Pandey Senior engineer. Standard Chartered.