Prasanna Jayakumar

Prasanna Jayakumar

I am an Engineering professional. Initially, I thought Personal finance advisor is required only for the people who has more money & more properties like stars & big shots. They only need financial advisor to manage their assets. After discussion with Holistic investment, then I realized, it is important for everyone (middle class/upper middle class), irrespective of profession or current financial status.

First impression the best impression. The way, the introduction given by them was wonderful, Because, what the client can expect, what are the benefits they can provide are very well explained in the first time itself. Even though it was lengthy session, it was worth.

Managing money is an art, always it is important to have someone who is good in that. After taking support from Holistic Investments, I got a clear picture on my financial status, where I am currently, where I have to go and how to go about it.

They are very good in customer support, especially, their professional way of setting up time and addressing the clarification points one to one is unique.

Overall, I suggest everyone should be well aware of their personal finance. Whether the personal is big or small. Definitely Holistic Investment are good in that. No doubt about it.

Prasanna Jayakumar Engineering Professional