Prasanna Muthukrishnan

Prasanna Muthukrishnan

I have all the confidence that the financial plan created by Holistic Investment will help my family successfully navigate retirement planning and kids education. It would help my family to achieve the best results. I really love them for their fast responsiveness to my queries. I am impressed with their comprehensive financial plan, sound investment advice and good customer service.

Their service is real value for money because they made me understand wrong investments won’t yield good returns. And they also made me realise Fixed deposit interest will give less returns than good SIP in equity funds in the long term. I could have easily settled for the lesser FD returns if I have not used their service.

Holistic Investment planners provides top notch quality services and offers the best value in personal financial planning. I am really impressed and satisfied with them.

Prasanna Muthukrishnan Lead Business Analyst, Aadhick Solutions Inc,