Rohit Deshmukh


Rohit Deshmukh

(Testimonial given recently in 2018)

I’ve been working with Holistic since 2011. I have been planning my investments systematically to meet my short and long-term goal requirements. The guidance of my planner has enabled me to keep an eye on my financials and invest in the right debt/equity schemes. Without their support, I would have probably continued investing in an ad-hoc and under-informed manner, and wouldn’t have struck the right balance to meet my requirements.

I like their detailed planning, follow-through on actions and mid-term review. Their financial planners are always available to answer any queries and provide assistance on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year. Do not hesitate, go for it. The returns you’ll get over time by following the financial plan will far outweigh the investment in hiring the services.

Holistic follows a systematic process and facilitates the customers to have a good understanding and grip over their financials.


(Testimonial given earlier in 2016)

I find Holistic Investment team very responsive and diligent. They attempt to understand the goals and objectives, or the changes happening due to the dynamic situations, very thoroughly before recommending an investment plan.

It is very easy to work with them because the investments are linked to specific goals, and whenever I need a certain amount for any reason, I always approach them, and they advise me from which investment to withdraw/redeem. Similarly, in case of a surplus, they recommend an appropriate plan for it.

The breakup between debt and equity has worked well, and I’ve never faced a situation where I am exiting from an equity investment at an inappropriate time due to an emergency. The short-term requirements have been well managed through the debt investments. Overall, Holistic Investment has been very cooperative and responsive to my needs.

Rohit Deshmukh Operations Director- South Asia, Cochlear