I have been using the services of Holistic Investment planners since Aug, 2014.Before choosing them, the only financial tool which I know is either Bank FD/RDs or LIC. I didnt know any other investment tool.But after choosing them, I understood how the investments only in bank FD/RDs will not make you wealthy. They helped me understood how the equity exposure to a portfolio will fetch higher returns.

The main part which I liked most in their process is that the investments are all goal oriented.With their solid understanding of my current financial position, they are able to prepare a financial plan and helped me achieve my goals without burden.Their team is very professional. The best part is that they are always reachable via phone/e-mail.I am really impressed with the way how things are happening after choosing Holistic Investment planners. Now, I am having a real peace of mind as everything is going as per plan and they are always there to take care of the plan.

I strongly recommend them to anyone who is really in need of a solid financial suggestion. I can bet , you will never regret the decision.

Sripada Software Engineer,Cisco Systems