Dr. Senthil kumar. T.S

Dr. Senthil kumar. T.S

One of my main concerns was finding the right person to take over my financial planning. Somebody who could understand how comfortable I felt about risky investments, what my retirement goals were, and someone who could explain all the “techy” details of the different types of investments, so that I could make the right choices. I found all this in the Financial Advisor of Holistic Investment Planners and so much more. Their honest and open approach, make them easy to talk to, a must when discussing something as personal as finances. I have one less worry knowing, they are guiding me to a secure retirement. Their strong work ethics and desire to put their client’s best interests forward, have inspired an unwavering confidence that has grown over the years

Dr. Senthil kumar. T.S Consultant Anesthesiologist

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