Holistic Investment Planners is following the way of systematic way of building corpus to achieve the financial goal with appropriate investment analysis of my requirement.

Before I met them, I have no market knowledge for where to invest. Hence most of my fund was in FD which was getting less appreciation rate. This would have not been helped to achieve my requirement and put me at risk for the shortage of funds.

I would thank Holistic Investment Planners for making better investment plan to achieve my goals as per the required time frame. So continued with their plan and it feels happier and thus relieves my financial worries.

I like their way of studying my financial report & risk analysis.

I would say “To lead a happy life in terms of financial get their proper guidance to reach your goals.”

They follow up on investment, update the status of current market updates by email, and clarify the doubts on financial parts.

Haribaskaran Engineer