Karthik Vaidyanathan

Karthik Vaidyanathan

Earlier I was investing without any logic /spending money on insurance policies which I should not have. Holistic brought a “holistic approach” to my investing based on my short term / long term goals. There by I was able to achieve my goals with proper planning and have been able to build a good net worth over a period of time. My cost would have been huge as I would not have planned my financial goals and invested in instruments which was not beneficial.

After working with them results achieved are manifold, right from planning for your goals, tracking expenses, know where you are spending the money to have better control, removing the non performing assets / policies etc. They have helped me achieve my goals and manage my cash flow better.
The approach used by the management, the clarity of the process and integrity / ethical nature of business are best part working with them. The team at Holistic Investment is customer friendly in nature and are open to suggestions and criticisms.

I would say the following “If you want to achieve your financial goals “holistically” (in every sense) approach these folks”.

Karthik Vaidyanathan Associate Vice President - Procurement Operations

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