Muralidharan S

Muralidharan S

Before I met Holistic Investment Planners, my investment was in a scattered manner in different Demat accounts. They suggested investing in debt funds which helped me gain more returns than investing in bank FDs. Or else I would have kept the money in FDs which would have resulted in lesser yield and more tax burden. Now I could bring every investment under a common platform both for my wife and myself. I opted for the retirement planning after gaining confidence in their approach to investments along with customer inputs.

Since I could not devote my time to the investment planning, I was looking for the investment planners whom I could rely upon and advice based on the market conditions. I would have lost money if I had invested more on the equity funds without the support of Holistic Investment Planners.

I like their Customer-centric approach and they are providing more friendly service. I have already recommended Holistic Investment Planners to one of my colleagues.

Muralidharan S Ashok Leyland Ltd, Assistant General Manager.

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