Naveen James

Naveen James

Holistic Investment Planners helps me to chart out my life targets/objectives. Further, based on that, they not only just formulated a financial plan but also helped me to implement the same. This resulted in a financial discipline in my life.

They are always available to answer any query related to market and financial planning.

I would recommend everyone to have financial planning in their life. Many of us either end up being too conservative or too liberal in their financial management. Holistic Investment Planners can help you in optimizing your financial planning. Thereby you can plan to achieve your life objectives in a more balanced manner. Further, they also help you in implementing your financial plan and conducts intermediate reviews to assess the performance of your investments. You will get one of the best services of Holistic Investment Planners.

I like their professionalism.

Naveen James Faculty, IIT Ropar