Prem Sridharan

Prem Sridharan

For many years, I was not sure what and why we have to invest? And I always thought simple bank savings is enough. But I realized that in order to achieve a few financial goals, there has to be a diversified portfolio to cover short and long term goals. Holistic helped me open my eyes to achieve these goals by investing in the right set of portfolios. There is still a long way to go for me but I am more confident that I can achieve some of them with constant feedback from Holistic.

They help me to get to know how things work in financial markets and some of the basics. Their staffs I work with for planning and implementation are friendly and helpful. They are not pushy and they seem to lay the facts for us to make a decision.

If I decided not to work with them, then I would have been blindfolded and may have found it very difficult to achieve my goals.

Prem Sridharan Software Architect