Ramadurai Kothandaraman


Ramadurai Kothandaraman

(Testimonial given recently in 2020)
Holistic Investment Planners providing me a good comprehensive financial plan service. I like their professional approach. They are very trustable financial planners. If it wasn’t them, I would have been indiscipline in my investments.
(Testimonial given earlier in 2019)

Holistic Investment Planners are disciplined in financial planning. They got good Certified Financial Planners who will not only create financial plan but also assist me to implement. Now my financial future looks stable and achievable.

If it wasn’t for them, I would be still hesitating to start the financial planning and investments.
They are good at financial planning and giving proper guidance to achieve my goals.

I will surely recommend Holistic Investment Planners to others. They are very professional and experts in their job, and trusted with your financial life.

They are providing professional service. I like their professional ethics and systematic work. Their articles create knowledge and awareness of present market situations and are well detailed.

Ramadurai Kothandaraman Sr. ENGINEER ,DEBAJ Industrial Services