After working with Holistic, now I have a very clear plan about my lives financial requirement and that gives me confidence to face and plan my future. I can segregate my financial requirements as the most important to the least important and invest on achieving my goals accordingly. I need not spend time in monitoring the market or where to invest, instead it’s been done by a group of trusted professional whose advise I adhere. I have more time to think of my career and prepare on career development program. I know how much money I require before I retire and how to achieve that target. My tax planning is well organised, never could have said that before.

Their customer service is superior. I can reach out to people and they are always polite to answer my queries. Also my friends at Holistic does not tell me where to invest and stop with that, they teach me why such decisions are made and they educate me on how financial planning is being done. The technology part is really good. I send mail and I get answers. I can see the investments made by me anytime online.

I would have still been looking for a financial planner whom I could trust my money on if I have not worked with them. I would like to say “You got your moneys’ worth!” for someone thinking of hiring the services of holistic.

S.Rajadurai Senior System Engineer

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