Retirement Planning

Plan Your Retirement Goals with Our Retirement Planning Service

Financial security is the essence of a happy retired life. Planning for a content retired life in itself requires careful planning.

To ensure a stress-free retired life, it is better to entrust this onerous task to a professional in retirement planning who is none other than a Financial Planner for Retirement.

In our company name, “Holistic” stands for “Complete and Comprehensive” The retirement planning service which we offer REALLY adds value to your retirement life.

The values you get from our retirement planning service!!!

    • Well structured pre-retirement/post-retirement financial planning
    • Risk management plan which covers emergency as well as insurance planning.
    • Align income, expense, asset planning, liabilities, and everything under one report
    • Create achievable scenarios until you satisfy with one
    • Existing Asset Mix Analysis
    • Concentrate on reducing tax
    • Schedule discussions with our CFPs and customer support manager and clarify all the financial related queries.
    • Providing step by step guide file with stipulated time for all the executions
    • Two scheduled reviews in a year.
  • Our Retirement Planning Service Fee is Rs. 12,500.

    Pay Here! Rs. 12,500

    Some additional benefits are:

    • We will assist you in implementing the financial plan by handholding you in the documentation, and preparing asset performance reports.
    • Any number of reviews (if the situation demands)
    • We will be accessible and responsive within 48 hrs
    • Reviewing and Rebalancing investments allocation periodically
    • Newsletters will be circulated periodically
    • Scheduled progress-review discussions with Chief Financial Planner every year
    • Exclusive Webinar with Financial Experts (Every month)

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