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“One stop shop for everything” become one of the most famous and common thing in this contemporary world.
Online Mutual Fund investment is no exception.

Buying and selling Mutual Funds through online saves your time and effort. You can choose any fund from any Mutual Fund house, and do investment from any part of the world.

Holistic Investment Planners brings you online Mutual Fund Investment Platform for the investors like you.

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Why Holistic Investment Planners? What makes us different?

Our need-based and principle-centered wealth management process helps investors to get unbiased authentic financial advice.

Our clients benefit from the expertise we have developed working one-on-one with Successful Senior Corporate Executives and NRIs since 2000.

We can understand the clear picture on your financial status where you are currently, where you have to go, and how to go.

We spend more time with clients discussing about demystifying myths and clarifying their doubts. This will increase the awareness level on financial products of our clients like you.

In our new online platform, you can get,

  • Choose the goal based mutual funds to invest
  • Experts’ opinion on your chosen fund
  • Wealth creation
  • One time documentations
  • Paperless investment execution for Subsequent transactions
  • Automating Regular Investments
  • No data breaching (All your investment details will be secured with us)
  • 9.30 am to 6.00 pm (Mon – Sat) Online and Offline Customer Care Support
Also if you want, you can upgrade to our financial planning service to plan and achieve your financial goals.

5 myths of Mutual Fund Investment

Myth: 1 -You need a large amount to invest in Mutual funds

Actually, No. You don’t need a large amount to start invest in mutual fund investment. Minimum investment amount for SIP is Rs. 500 and minimum investment amount for lump sum is Rs. 5000.

Myth: 2 – Mutual Fund SIP has only monthly basis investment

Absolutely not. You can invest certain amount of money on weekly basis, monthly basis or quarterly basis on Mutual Fund SIP.

Myth: 3 – Mutual Fund Investment is complicated. Only experts can invest in Mutual Fund investment

Again not true. Mutual Fund Investment is not complicated as you think. If you have knowledge on mutual fund investment it is a plus for you. But you don’t, no problem, you can always ask our experts’ help to choose the mutual fund for you.

Starting your investment through online will make your investment process easier. All you have to do is a one-time verification process. Then you can start to buy and sell mutual fund investment at anytime you want without any complication.

Myth: 4 – Online Mutual Fund Investment is not safe to do

Once again not at all. Not all the online investment platforms are unsafe. With NSE registered Online Mutual Fund platforms you can do online investment without the fear of data breaching.

Myth: 5 – Investing based on Past Performance of a fund will give you more returns

If a star cricket player scored century in the previous games, that doesn’t mean he will score century in his next game as well. He might loss his chance in the first ball itself in his next games. The same is applicable for mutual funds too.

If a particular fund performed well in the past that doesn’t mean it will perform well in the future too. Churning your investment to best funds just based on past performance might decrease your chance of getting high return.

If you want to follow the performance of the fund, then choose the long-term performance of the fund.


1. Is Online Investment Platform Safe for Mutual Fund Investment?
Yes. Our online investment platform is very safe for investment. All your personal, as well as your investment data, will be secured with us.
2. How does it work?
It is very simple to use. All you have to do is fill the form and do one-time verification to start your investment. We have a dedicated customer care team to assist you.
3. How can I buy/sell funds through online?
After creating the online account you can select the funds to buy and transfer the money from your bank.
4. Are you charging for opening online account or for every transaction?
There is no account opening fee and transaction fee to invest with our platform.
5. How long will it take to open new online account?
If you already have a KYC, then it will take just 1 day to create your online Mutual Fund Account. If you don’t have KYC, then it will take 3 to 4 weeks to create online mutual fund account.
6. What are the documents required to create a new online investment account?
If you have KYC,

  • 1. Filled-in Online account form
  • 2. Soft copy of Cancelled Cheque Leaf

If you don’t have KYC,

First, you can complete your KYC (Contact our customer care team to create your KYC. It will take at least 15 working days to create a new KYC) with usual KYC documents in easy procedures.

Then, you need to submit the Filled-in online account form and Soft copy of Cancelled Cheque Leaf.

For more details contact our customer care team here (

7.Do I need demat account to start my online investment?
No. You don’t need demat account to start your online investment account with us.
8. Do I need to open this account though I have already have demat account?
Yes. Even if you have demat account, you need to create a new online investment account to start your investment.
9. Do I need to open one online account for my entire family? Or individual account for everyone?
It is up to you, if you want you can create a separate account for every individual person of your family or you can create a single account for your whole family.
10. Can I do all my mutual fund investment in one account or do I need to open separate account for each mutual fund investment?
Yes, you can. You don’t need multiple accounts for every single mutual fund investment scheme.
11. Are you registered to distribute mutual funds?
Yes we are. We are SEBI registered Investment Planners. Our Advisor Registration Number is 4188.
12. How do you get compensated?
We can get compensate by the respective Mutual Fund Companies. If you invest Rs. 10000, we will get around Rs.50-70.
13. Which are the Mutual Fund companies supported by this platform?
All the Mutual Fund Companies
14. What if I want to close/deactivate my online mutual fund investment account?
You can close your account anytime you want. Just inform us to close your online account to initiate the process.

15. If I stop investing, will I get access to portfolio tracker in future?
Mutual Fund
e.g Retirement Planning

It’s time to start your investment to achieve your financial goals. Now, you can’t say don’t have time for your investment and investment process.

Don’t forget dreams are just a dream until you plan for it. Our online mutual fund investment platform will help you to achieve your financial goals. If you have any doubt we are always here to help you. You can contact our Customer Service anytime. Also, if you have difficulties in choosing the right investment in mutual fund, you can always consult our Certified Financial Planners.

Happy Investment!!!