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A value-packed Workshop to achieve investment success!

Mastering The Common Sense Investing!

The Most Uncommon Way To Create Wealth

A Personal Finance Workshop to help you create long-term wealth by mastering your investment strategy.

This is a 2 Day Workshop Designed for Investors Committed to Investment Success.

Reserve the Dates: 02-Oct-2021 & 03-Oct-2021

Time: 9:30am – 1pm (both days)

Registration Fee: Rs. 999

Program Trainer:

    Mr. Ramalingam Kalirajan MBA, CFP

Featuring Trainers:

    Mr. Rajan CFP
    Mr. Srinivasavaradhan MBA

Participating Platform: Zoom Application

Requirements: A Laptop or PC or a Smartphone with Internet Connection.

Language: English

A Sneak Peek into the Workshop!

    1. New Age of Forbidden Investment Strategy
    2. The Nobel Winning Science behind It
    3. The Key to Rewire Your Investment Paradigm
    4. The Socratic Triple Filter Test For Investments
    5. Mastering The Ace Investor Psychology
    6. Lazy Secret to Outsmart The Majority of Investors
    7. A Working Framework to Identify & Avoid The Wealth Destroyers of the Stock Market
    8. Demystifying Mutual Funds To See Through And Beyond The Past Performance
    9. Ultimate Control Over Portfolio Via Asset Allocation
    10. Setting Up Perpetual Income in Retirement

Meet Your Trainers for the Workshop:

Mr. K. Ramalingam MBA CFP

Mr Ramalingam is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Planner of As the creator and architect of the 3-Dimensional Holistic Investment Approach, Ramalingam has mentored and guided hundreds of clients on the development and implementation of successful financial and investment plans.

In addition, Ramalingam has written more than 250 articles and has published on, Nanayam Vikatan, Economic Times, Live Mint and other Professional Trade Journals.

Featuring Trainers:

Mr. T. Rajan CFP

Mr Rajan is the Joint Director, Deputy Financial Planner. An ace Financial Planner with 21+ years of experience in investor mentorship and a trustworthy relationship with his clients. His commitment to the clients and their goals is exemplary. He offers realistic and efficient financial guidance to investors and overcome the complications in their investment portfolio.

He has written several personal finance articles published on Nanayam Vikatan. And has also answered readers’ questions on the same magazine.

Mr. P. Srinivasavaradhan MBA

Mr Srinivasavaradhan, Customer Support Manager, has been the face of client relationship for almost 2 decades. With his solid temperament, he has helped clients to navigate through financial uncertainties—especially NRIs and HNIs.

He also has been regularly conducting Facebook Live offering insightful investment and personal finance advice on our official Facebook handle.

About Holistic Investment Planners

Holistic Investment Planners, est. 2000, has 20 Years of expertise in Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

We were recognized and honoured as the Best Performing Financial Advisor Award Winner (South India) from CNBC TV18 in the year 2012.

We have published research articles in The Economic Times, Dalal Times, Money Control, Insight Success, Live Mint, Nanayam Vikatan, and other finance magazines. Throughout our journey, we have enabled diverse clients, including Senior Executives, Engineers, Doctors, NRIs, HNIs & other business professionals plan their investments and reach their financial goals.

Holistic Investment Planners comprise of a professionally skilled team of 2 Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and 6 MBA graduates.

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What to expect from this workshop?

In this workshop you will learn about the self-evolving investment strategy that combines a Nobel Prize winning theory and a time-tested investment approach. You will also get a holistic view on investments starting from Gold, Real-estate, Bitcoin, Stocks and Mutual Funds.

During the workshop you will get access to guides to conduct “investor-essentials” tests, developed from years of research. These tests are designed to help you choose the right investments yourself.

Ultimately, the purpose of this workshop is to help you optimise your portfolio risk vs gains while accelerating your growth as a self-developed investor.

What to not expect in this workshop?

Do not attend this Workshop if you are:

  • Looking for tips & trick to pick stocks.
  • Looking for in-depth technical analysis of stock market.
  • Looking for Stocks & Mutual fund suggestions.
  • Looking for IPO analysis.
  • Looking for returns without the intent of becoming an informed investor.

Who cannot register for this program?

You cannot attend this program if you are a financial planner/financial advisor, an investment advisor.

1. Who can attend this workshop?
From an amateur investor to specialist anyone can attend this workshop.
2. What is the goal of this workshop?
Through this workshop, we want to help investors to achieve their financial goals through the long forgotten common sense investing.
3. Is this workshop a platform to promote investment products?
No. We are not doing this workshop to promote any investment products or schemes.
4. Can I cancel this workshop after the registration?
Yes, you can. But you have to cancel your enrolment at least 24 hours before the workshop.
5. Will you refund the money if I cancel the workshop?
Yes, we will refund the money. But we cannot promise if you fail to attend the session.
6. Is this workshop DIY financial planning program?
No, it is not a financial planning program.
7. Can I attend this workshop along with my family?
Yes. You can attend this workshop with your family. But you can attend by using the single device. If your spouse attending this workshop from another location, then you can pay Rs. 1500 for both at discount rate.
8. If I have any queries to ask, whom should I contact?
9. Will you provide the video version of this workshop later?
No. This is an exclusive workshop specially made for participants like you. We will not publish any video copies later on. However, you will get the access to all the tools, calculators and other useful materials.

10. What are the useful materials you will provide?
Calculators, Pre-reading materials, Workbook, and other necessary materials & tools.

Who cannot register for this program?

You cannot attend this program if you are a financial planner/financial advisor, an investment advisor.

Registration Fee: ₹999

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