Madhav Vaidyanath

Madhav Vaidyanath

I have been associated with Holistic Investment Planners for the last 6yrs and i would say i came to know about them as a novice in investing through my father who was a erstwhile client of Holistic. So technically i could call myself the second generation client of Holistic. Their approach then was more of a guide to sound investments. Over the last 6yrs, thanks to Mr.Ramalingam & his bunch of committed employees they have risen steadily to provide a complete range of services across the section of investors backed up by very sound industry knowledge and hands on experience. I was one of the first (if not the first) one to opt for Holistic’s Financial Planning/Investment Advisory services and while it took some time to bring the same into practice (which as an investor needed very high financial discipline), but i can surely commit that i am seeing results.

Their Sincere, streamlined approach to investing, cautiously mixing, reward & risk singles them out in this industry wherein commission & targets drive profits. One of the positive things that differentiates them is their willingness to listen to the investor and offer advice appropriately. I can confidently say that i have taken a correct decision as far as my investments are concerned. The effects of the downturn and treacherous markets have triggered the need for a reliable & able adviser and i would for sure suggest Holistic Investment Planners

Madhav Vaidyanath Project Leader-Bank of America Merill Lynch

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