Atanu Saha

Atanu Saha

Onset of this message my heartiest congratulation to Holistic Planner team for their guidance & support which help me to start walking towards my financial goals for my future.

We have always seen our parents quoting the example of our grandparents to emphasize on the significance of Savings. How their hard earned savings helped them and our parents survive is no hidden fact. Our forefathers, without a doubt, did a great job by efficiently managing with expenses and savings. The scenario now, unfortunately, has changed drastically. Savings in today’s times aren’t sufficient enough to take care of major expenses like Child education, purchase of house, a critical illness, financial freedom at retirement etc. In savings there is less profit making or creation of wealth. In order to be able to handle those expenses, one has to look for alternate sources of income or something that transforms savings into wealth.

Before 2012, self was rather savings keeping in mind for income tax. But after started taking consultation from Holistic planner, my savings has diversified in tax savings & investment options. I understand the fact that paying in insurance should not be treated for future investment, insurance is different & investment is different. From last four years consultations self-finding that my investment is growing like anything. Before their service, my investment growth is not as per my expectation, but after their guidance I find the expected improvement in investment.

I will recommend others for financial consultation from Holistic Planner. Their approach toward understanding little dreams & convert them in goal is excellent.

It is pleasant feelings for me after having their consultation services.

Atanu Saha Planning Manager

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