P.R. Muralidharan


P.R. Muralidharan

(Testimonial given recently in 2018)

I have been associating with Holistic Investment for the past 10 years. I find them very professional, and they have a lot of market knowledge. A common man like me needs good advice from the Investment Planners, and I get it from them.

Previously, I used to invest in all the mutual funds without knowing what it is. My first interaction with Mr.Ramalingam, (Director & Founder of Holistic Investment Planners) made me understand how this market works and how Investment Planner is important for a common man.

I make all my investments through them. They review each and every fund and give me advice about the changes that I need to do in my investments. They provide an excellent service to their customers. All their workers are taking care of their customers very well. I wish them good luck, and I am sure they will continue to provide an excellent service like they are doing now.


(Testimonial given earlier in 2015)

I used to invest in each and every fund initially without knowing the background of the fund. Fifty percent of those funds were not giving the desired results at all. Investment advisor’s from Holistic Investment Planners suggested major revamp on my investments which made my portfolio more profitable. They taught me how to invest and plan my investments in the long run. The cumulative effect that I get from my investments is really good. My investment is safe and I am getting a return of 15% to 18% on the investments that I have made so far. This is possible only because of the expert suggestions that I have got from Holistic Investment Planners.

Their knowledge level on the mutual fund market and their advice to switch from under performing fund to a better fund to have greater returns are the best part I have considered after working with them. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Holistic Investment Planners. They are very loyal, knowledgeable and customer oriented. I am very impressed about this organization.

P.R. Muralidharan HR Consultant

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