Gold as an Investment

Gold as an Investment

“Gold has its price; learning is beyond price.” -Chinese Proverb

Everybody has a range of opinions about Gold as an investment.

But where does Gold stand as an asset class?

Should you invest in Gold or not?—is a question every other investors have been pondering for a long time.

The fact is, Gold doesn’t always “run” or “fuel” the market. Return on gold investment has always been a reaction to the changes in the stock market.

So how does Gold—as an investment—behave concerning the stock market?

How do interest rates affect the price of Gold?

How does stock market liquidity influence the gold price?

Is there any blind spot to be aware of before investing in Gold?

Get your questions answered here!

Mr. Nilesh Shah, Managing Director Kotak Mutual Fund, shares his views on Gold as an investment with incredible insider insights.


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