Right time to invest in bitcoin

Right Time to Invest in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency? Consider These Before You Do!

“The Currency of the Future”

It is the unofficial tagline given to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, for that matter.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Chainlink, Dogecoin, there are several cryptocurrencies. Even billionaire Elon Musk is openly supporting Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency, on Twitter. And of late, their value is skyrocketing in the S& P500.

Skyrocketing is an understatement here.

To any investor, it will certainly look like they are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

On the other hand, billionaire investor Warren Buffet says bitcoin has no intrinsic value. He goes on to call it “rat poison squared.”

The big fish in the sea are poles apart in their opinions.

What should a retail investor do?

Is it the right time to add Bitcoin to your investment portfolio?

Should you invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Don’t get swayed away by the adrenaline rush that is driving the cryptocurrency market now.

Watch this video below to find out your answers and make an informed decision.

These are reasons enough to build your investment portfolio with the known asset classes. It is a relatively safe investment strategy to follow and achieve your financial goals.

But are these reasons enough to avoid investing in Bitcoin?

Especially looking at its growth, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency being a new asset class alone may not be a big concern. Some investors may even consider having a limited exposure, similar to gold in their portfolio.

The question is, is there anything else Indian investors should look at before investing in Bitcoin?

To start with, there is numerous cryptocurrency in the market. And as we have seen their history is very brief to assess them.

In another insightful session, our speaker lists down a few of the critical factors to make an informed decision. These are the red flags to the Indian investors looking to invest in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

But if you must invest in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, just to have that experience, he has a suggestion.

Find out what it is in the video below.


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