CRED App - Should you use this app for credit card payment

CRED App Review: Should you use this App for your credit card payment? [Updated for 2021]

Who doesn’t want rewards or incentives? Especially when you get the rewards simply by paying off your Credit Card bills!!

It sounds too good to be true, but the CRED App has made it possible to earn reward points every time you pay your Credit Card bills.

But wait… Should you trust this app for storing your credit card details and payment mode information?

In this post, we will do the comprehensive and detailed review of this app that will help you decide whether you should pay your Credit Card bills using this app or not!!

Read on and let’s discover its features.

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What is CRED App?

CRED is an app where you need to do one time registeration and it will remember your credit card detailseverytime you use this app. If you want, you can also delete your Credit Card details anytime from this app. You can pay your credit card bills via net banking, UPI, and also the auto-pay feature on the app.

Only if you have a credit score higher than 750 you can join the CRED community and make payments. If you do not have the minimum credit score, you will be put on the waitlist and given advice on how to improve your credit score.

CRED App: Installation Process


Install the CRED App from Google Play or App Store.

Click this link to install CRED App.


Register your mobile number that is registered with your Credit Cards.


You will get approved only if you have a CIBIL Score above 750 (Experian/CRIF Score).

Or, in case if you are disapproved due to a low CIBIL Score, you can wait and apply after a few months. Also, you can contact their customer support team for the process of Approval.

Cred app uses this limitation to provide an exclusive offer on high premium brands to its users.

Once you are approved, you can start adding your credit cards in the CRED app. Details will be discussed in the next section.

CRED App: Key Highlights

1. Adding your Credit Cards in CRED App

adding your credit cards in cred app You can add as many cards as you want. One thing I like about the Card adding procedure is that it doesn’t ask for Card’s CVV Number and PIN; not giving this sensitive information ensures the safety of added Credit Cards within CRED App.

But it may ask for Valid through date, if you use new credit card.

Every time you add a Credit card, CRED App will deposit Re.1 to the respective card.

2. CRED App Dashboard

You will find various options within the app, shown below:
cred app dashboard

This dashboard will be visible soon after sign-up and adding cards. I have received 854 Cred coins, without any payment so far. Probably these 854 Cred coins added to my dashboard due to my Experian score of 854!

We will discuss Cred Coins and other benefits of the CRED App separately in the later section.

3. CRED App: Scan Score

While using Credit Card, you must be careful about many guidelines such as paying back full amount on time and not utilizing big credit. For more details, you can read this article on Optimizing your Credit Card usage.

CRED App gives you the score on these factors as shown in the image below:
cred app scan score
I’ve taken this snapshot from my CRED App Dashboard. As you can see that my repayment score is excellent and credit utilization health is also good.

These are the critical factors to improve your credit score. This app will help you to continuously monitor these critical scores.

Along with that, the CRED App will also provide the monthly spend analysis to track your credit card expenses. But in order to get a monthly spend analysis or getting credit card bills on the CRED App dashboard, you need to give CRED App the authority to access your emails. For security issues, this feature is made optional.

You can register a separate common mail id for your credit cards and register that mail id with CRED App.

It also sends alerts if there are any suspicious activities on your credit card, notifies you about charges, or unexpected fees on credit card bills, sends due dates on Whatsapp, collects credit card bill details and the dues to be paid.

Please watch this video and get the brief overview of CRED App:

CRED App: Major Benefits

A. Cred Coins

Every time you pay your Credit Card bill, you will be awarded by equivalent CRED coins. For example, if you pay the Credit Card bill of Rs.50,000, you will receive 50,000 cred coins.

Now you can redeem these CRED coins in 2 ways:

1. Go to the reward catalog section that keeps updating with new options every month. Simply tap in the ‘lifestyle’ option in the App and you will get the option to select suitable offers for you.

You will find some offers and benefits which require many CRED coins, so it is beneficial to collect lots of coins.

You can pick rewards from companies like BookMyShow, Big Basket, Ixigo , and so on. The list keeps growing every month

Here is a sample of some of the companies offering CRED Coin offers on CRED app:

  • Big basket
  • Wrogn merchandise
  • Zoomcar zap subscription
  • Diesel denim
  • The Label Life
  • Bookmyshow
  • Andamen
  • Dineout Gourmet Passport
  • Ixigo
  • Levi’s Voucher
  • Gap
  • The Moja Club
  • The Man Company
  • Membership
  • The Mom’s Co.
  • Geomechanics
  • Raymond

2. In the second method, you can redeem the CRED coins by availing ‘Kill the Bill’ feature, here you will get the cashback up to Rs.1 lakh; amount varies based on your payment amount.

If you don’t want to avail of services from any Company, then you can use Kill the Bill feature of this App. Otherwise, it is advisable to use your CRED Coins in availing services from various different companies you will enjoy many more benefits as compared to Cashback redemption using ‘Kill the Bill’ feature.

B. Cred Gems

Cred Gems can be earned by referring CRED to someone. Each referral will allow you to earn Rs.150 worth of CRED Gems.

You can redeem CRED gems for

  • Getting Cashback up to Rs. 1,000/- for earning 30 Gems.
  • In Flipkart, you may get the Gift Card up to Rs. 500/- for 20 Gems.
  • 30 gems can be redeemed for Rs. 750 Amazon voucher.

CRED App keeps updating the existing and new offers regularly.

CRED Gem Rewards Current offers:

Starbucks Giftcard worth Rs.200/-; Flipkart worth Rs. 500/-; Crossword Bookstores gift card worth Rs.200; Allen Solly gift card worth Rs.500/-; Keihl’s gift card worth Rs.500/- with the requirement of 30-50 CRED Gems.

Keep checking this feature by tapping the Lifestyle option on the CRED App dashboard.

C. Availability of Credit Score and Report within CRED App:

This feature will continuously update you with the guidelines to follow to improve your credit score. Have a look at the Experian score in my CRED App dashboard.
credit score and report within cred app As you can see that underneath the score there is a ‘Refresh Score’ option, it is very useful to track the quarterly ups/downs in the score. You wouldn’t get such a facility anywhere else except CRED App.

If you scroll down this score-screen further, you will find all the factors that are making your score high/low. You can work-on LOW scoring elements to improve your overall Credit score.

Cred bonus:

Apart from Cred coins, cred gems cred app provide an exclusive offer on premium brands to attract the users.

Cred Scratch cards:

With a minimum payment of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 50000, user can get a scratch card worth Rs. 1000 to Rs. 100000.

The drawback of CRED App in the recent past

At the beginning, many people have bitterly accused CRED App due to its failed payments when their amount has been debited from their main account and Credit card did not receive any payments through this App even after a week and even longer wait!

But now, the debited amount will be credited to your credit card account within Three working days maximum and in most cases, this gets credited before 3 hours.

Such incidents kept me suspicious about this app for a long time. Finally, I decided to make a test-payment to check its effectiveness. I have shared my personal experience with the failed payment issue in the next section.

Analysis of Failed payment with CRED App: My personal experience

In the last couple of months, CRED App has experienced a very high rate of failed payments.

So even though I have installed this app long back, payment failure rates kept me de-motivated to use CRED App for any Credit Card payments.

Recently I have noticed that the CRED App team has taken some necessary actions to resolve this issue.

Here is what they have done:

  • Disabled the debit card payment of above Rs.2000/- have a look at the FAQ snapshot below
  • credit card bill payments

  • Encouraging the CRED app users to pay via UPI or Netbanking.

Recently, I made a test payment of Rs.1000/- to my Credit Card via UPI to check how long it will take to get that amount updated in my credit card! I completed the payment on Monday morning at 9’o clock to avoid any risk of delay due to non-working days in between.

After completing the payment, this message was flashed on the app screen:
completing the payment And finally, at 2 p.m. (after 5 hours) the amount was successfully credited to my card.

So, it was a good experience for me.

Also, I redeemed the earned 1000 coins to avail KillTheBill offer and received cashback of Rs.7, though it is a small amount, but it’s free money simply by ‘test’ paying my Credit Card bill!
Credit Card bill Altogether, it was a great experience and now I will continue using this app without any more distrust regarding failed payment. Hopefully, this experience will be useful for you too in answering some of your critical doubts regarding this app.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to go ahead and use the CRED App for your Credit Card payments.

If you have more queries, please ask them in the comment below. In case, if your payment is stuck with the CRED App or you have any other technical feedback to give to CRED App team, then you can e-mail them at

or, connect with them on Twitter:

If you have not yet installed the CRED App, please click the link below and install this App:
install cred app

Common Queries regarding CRED App

1. What is CRED App?

CRED App is a mobile app to pay off your Credit Card bill. You will earn CRED coins equivalent to the amount you pay as your Credit card bill. These CRED Coins can be redeemed to get various awards and cashback.

2. Is CRED App good or bad?

CRED App is GOOD and we recommend using this App to pay your Credit Cards bill.

3. What is the major drawback of the CRED App?

In the recent past, there have been complaints regarding failed payments. The CRED App team is aware of it and working to sort out this issue. Don’t allow this drawback to stop you from using App; maybe you want to make a test payment of a small amount to check how it is working for you. I have shared my experience in this article.

4. Where to contact if my payment is stuck in CRED App?

For any sort of technical issue, you can email them at:

Also, you can make use of their Twitter handle to post your queries, they are active there, you can connect with them at:

If you have any more queries, feel free to post them in the comment section.

5. What if I want to delete my Cred account?

You can delete your Cred account anytime you want.

6. How can I Remove a Credit Card from Cred app?

All you have to do is open the Cred app and click Account Option.

Then click on the profile information.

Under PAYMENT INFORMATION, click the desired credit card.


That’s all.

7. How to contact CRED app Customer Service?

For now there is no contact number available to contact CRED app customer service.

But, you can send mail to


Press “Control”

Then choose “Support” option to connect with CRED team.


CRED App indeed gives a lot of great benefits simply by paying off your Credit Card bills. You have an option to redeem your earned cred coins to avail KillTheBill deal or to get a discount in shopping or movies.

If you are still concerned about Failed Payments, then why not try paying a small amount and figure out how long will it take in your case!

After noticing the necessary improvement steps taken by CRED App authority and my own personal experience with this App, I would suggest you use the CRED App.

If you want to share any of your experience, queries or feedback on CRED App, you can drop them in the comment below

Read this post to know more about the Optimized use of Credit cards.

If you are looking for an ideal investment customized with your family needs, you can register for the FREE Financial Planning consultation call with us by clicking the link below.


14 thoughts on “CRED App Review: Should you use this App for your credit card payment? [Updated for 2021]”

  1. Cred is no doubt is good app with innovations. But in depth they collect lota of data. Data from Crif/credit score reports, sms reading, mail reading. There rewards and coins are completely useless. You would start hating after few months of usage.

    1. Hi Vishnu,
      Like any other payment apps CRED app also collecting user data and provides rewards. So, there are no doubts that most of the rewards are unwanted for us. However, for paying through that app gets you cash rewards. Also, you get cash rewards for referrals. Cash rewards are always useful.

    1. Hi Naren,
      Because you have merged your phone number with your credit card. Once you enter your number, the cred app will automatically detect your credit card details from its data. Initially one needs to register the credit card details in the cred app. Then on it will automatically collect and collate the data.

  2. Nice article holistic, I read somewhere that even I can redeem my cred money to buy insurance of my iPhone from My Mobile Insurance company.

  3. You have mentioned that CRED does not ask for the valid through date for the credit card, but it does. Kindly check.

    1. Thank you for notifying us. Yes, it will ask for the valid through the date when you enter your name for the first time.

  4. My credit card bills are about Rs.1 lac per month across my 3 credit cards.
    Will it be safe to use CRED for making my monthly payments?

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