ESG Based Funds

How Important is this ESG Criteria or ESG Focused Funds?

A longstanding criticism against the free market economy is the concerns of exploitation by the organisations in it.

A good organisation must aspire to give as much as it takes: be it its environment, the society around it, even with its governance.

In the wake of such concerns—more importantly, Climate Change—came the ESG criteria.

It is being recognised and well received by the investors. And the AMCs are following suit with ESG focused funds.

But how important is this ESG criteria or ESG focused funds?

Could it change the way the Indian market operates?

Or is it just a hollow pursuit?

Kotak Mutual MD, Mr. Nilesh Shah shares his views—and a personal life incident—on this trending ESG topic.

Have your questions about ESG answered in the video below!

But be WARNED! Mr. Nilesh Shah poses a bigger question for every investor to think.


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