US or international funds - What kind of allocation people can have

Nilesh Shah’s View on International Funds

Tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and even US investors like Mark Mobius are investing billions in India.

Should you flip side and invest in international funds?

On one hand, there is a claim that technology funds are risky. And the international market being a relatively “uncharted water” to an average retail investor only seem to amplify it.

On the other hand, an international fund offers an excellent diversification advantage. There is also rupee depreciation to benefit the investors.

It could be hard to weigh these two things by yourself.

How effective is it to invest in International Funds?

Should you invest in International Funds or US-based mutual funds?

One of our Webinar participants asked the same question to Nilesh Shah, MD Kotak Mutual Fund.

Here is Nilesh Shah’s view on investing in International Funds.


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