Is it a right time for lumpsum investments

Investing a Lumpsum: How to do it the Right Way?

“Your bonus has been credited to your bank account”

A message like this can make your day. It can even make your month good.

If you are a salaried employee, you can relate to what I’m saying.

Along with it, there are different ways you could have a lump sum amount in your hand. It could be the maturity sum of your fixed deposit. Or a gift from a loved one, anything.

A lump sum amount has the potential to cause a lot of poor money decisions.

Very often, this lumpsum money becomes pretty much ineffective due to the lack of a definite plan. People either spending this lumpsum amount. Or they invest it in inappropriate investment instruments.

The outcome: it has zero to insignificant impact on your investment portfolio.

So how can you overcome this potential weakness in your investment process?

How can you avoid these potential poor money decisions with a lump sum amount?

Or even directly, How to invest a lump sum amount in the right way?

We asked the same question to an investment professional in one of our webinar sessions. Find out the right way to invest a lumpsum amount, answered in an interesting way.

Watch the video below:


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