What If The Stock Market Crashes Days Before I Redeem For My Financial Goal

What if the Stock Market Crashes Days Before I Redeem for My Financial Goal?—The Safest Strategy to Exit the Market!

Imagine this.

You are investing in an equity mutual fund scheme for 10years. It is for your kid’s college fund. Finally, the goal is here, and you need the fund in a couple of days.

But the next morning, flash news:

“SENSEX Crashes by 30%!”

You take a look at the investment value of your fund. You have lost all your gains and a portion of your investment capital.

Gut-wrenching to imagine, isn’t it?

It is a nightmare to invest in equity mutual funds without an investment strategy.

What if the stock market crashes days before your financial goal?

An emotional investor will stop investing. But a determined investor will find ways to eliminate this risk.

If you are determined and asking: “how can you eliminate this risk?”

A well-planned exit strategy is all you need. It can safeguard your investments as you near your financial goal.

But what is a proper exit strategy?

How can you implement it to protect your goals from market volatility?

A professional explain your answers in the video below. Watch now:


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