Nilesh Shah

Nilesh Shah Talks on Investing During and After Covid-19

“The New Normal” has almost become the normal now.

The first wave of Covid19 is over.

Vaccines will be at hand anytime now.

The markets have recovered from the COVID19 crash. And moving forward to new heights.

How has this crash and recovery changed the market?

What approach has rewarded the investors the most?

And more importantly…

The debt sector has been shaken.

What does it mean for the Indian Economy and Investors?

Are there still good investment opportunities in the market?

Has the investment rules been changed post Covid19?

As an investor, what can you do to adapt to this “New Normal”?

Mr. Nilesh Shah of Kotak Mutual Fund answers all these questions with amazing insights in this webinar session with Holistic Investment Planners.


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