Understanding Risk & Return: A Webinar on Risk Adjusted Returns

Understanding Risk & Return: A Webinar on Risk Adjusted Returns

How can I, as an investor, get risk adjusted returns?

This is one of the questions every investor ponders upon. It is a good one because of the fact that an investor does not have control over returns but the risk.

That being said, how can you go about it remains a complete mystery.

How can you manage investment risk to get a decent return worth the risk?

Personal finance is 80% personal, and 20% finance.

It is a no brainer that risk management concerns investor behavior more than the investments itself.

In this webinar of ‘Understanding Risk & Return’ hosted by Holistic Investment Planners, our experienced presenter makes the process simple for every investor.

Starting from an investor’s ability to take investment risks and an investor’s willingness to take risks, he explains how an investor can systematically approach their risk management.

With a very interesting personal experience, discover the simplicity and the effectiveness of Risk-Return matrix in the video below.

Watch Understanding Risk and Returns webinar: Session1.

Once you discover where you fit in the Risk-Return matrix, and work on your risk taking ability and willingness, the remaining steps become very clear.

Asset allocation—and a very specific approach to it.

What is this approach that will give you not only risk adjusted returns, but also how you can manage it to achieve your financial goals?

In the session2 of the ‘Understanding Risk and Return’ webinar, our esteemed speaker brilliantly showcases the purpose of this webinar with an example, with actual market data.

Risk adjusted returns is one thing, but how can you build a portfolio that you can rely on even if the market conditions aren’t favourable?

How can you take 2 different asset allocation approach to take advantage of the market condition in the short-term and long-term?

And ultimately the point of confluence is achieving your financial goals.

How can you do goal based asset allocation rebalancing so that your financial goals are not at the mercy of market?

Discover your answers in this insights-packed session2 of the Understanding Risk and Return webinar.

Watch the video below:


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