What is smallcase investing Is it better than mutual funds

What is Smallcase Investing? Is it Better than Mutual Funds?

Sensex in India is more than 40 years old.

Throughout these years, countless number of investors have tried a number of investment strategies to gain profits.

In a long line of such strategies, the recent player is the Smallcase.

What makes this Smallcase attract more attention than the others?

Smallcase Technologies is a startup company that offers different “baskets of stocks that reflects an idea.”

A smallcase is a “basket of stocks”, everybody knows that much. And that has been enough for some investors to invest in Smallcase.

It is probably because of the fact that it is backed by the broking firm Zerodha. And it also makes it easy to invest cross-platform, with your existing demat accounts.

Should this be a reason to invest in Smallcase?

How is this smallcase different from mutual funds?

Is this a brilliant investment strategy? Or a familiar one in a new wrapping?

Find out your answers in the video below:


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