Wealth creation through bluechip

Wealth Creation through Bluechip-A Webinar on Stock Market for Indian Investors

“The fear of the unknown is more dangerous than the fear of the known”

It is probably the ideal example of how 2020 and 2021 has been, so far.

When the pandemic hit, very little information was available about its impact. Among other things, it disrupted economic growth, in what was already called a “slow economy”.

But the disruption was not specific to Indian market alone.

The quick market rebound has surprised every investor. And this was not an accident.

What is driving this unexpected market rebound and economic growth in India?

Did the Central Banks and the Govt. luck out this time?

Their response to the Global Financial Crisis was not this good.

Could it be their experience from the previous crises?

How did they shift the entire scenario into something positive?

Find out what is driving the market post Covid19, and what will be its impact in the real economy in the video below.

Current Market Outlook for Wealth Creation Through Bluechip—Session1

Now, these are the common response globally.

Indian markets did not differ by much.

But, from here, what does it mean for the Indian market and economy?

Because of the clever policies from the Govt. we are seeing fiscal expansion. Since there is a direct correlation between fiscal expansion and growth,

When can Indian investors expect the growth?

In this webinar of “Wealth Creation through Bluechip”, discover the growth enablers in place for wealth creation for the Indian investors.

Among them, our presenter and an industry-insider reveals one of the most important growth indicator for every investor.

Discover what it is now by watching the video below:

Growth Indicators for Wealth Creation through Bluechip—Session2

Through these two sessions, we have explored the market, and economic scenario. Both globally and domestically.

Also, there are some insights on the growth indicators.

And it is time for the subject matter: Wealth Creation through Bluechip.

There is a prevailing argument that Bluechip companies, i.e., large-cap funds cannot create alpha.

Is there any tangible truth to this argument?

To simply put, Bluechip companies are a proxy to the economy, they represent the economy. In that case, they are as good as the economy.

More importantly, they are less affected by the market noise.

So, less volatility is an advantage.

But when it comes to wealth creation, there are a few things an investor should pay attention to.

One is the bottom up approach assess a Bluechip Company with 3 key parameters.

Business fundamentals, Management competence, and Reasonable valuation.

How can you make use of these for stock selection and enable wealth creation through Bluechip?

Find out yourself in the video below.

Funds in focus for Wealth Creation through Bluechip—Session3


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