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A Stock Market Webinar For Beginners: The Lighthouse

In the world of personal finance, stock market investment itself is a vast ocean.

Whether you get marooned in this ocean or see it as an ocean of opportunities is in your perspective.

But as a beginner, or an amateur, where would you begin?

What matters while investing in the stock market, and what doesn’t?

You cannot try out every strategy there is to see which one works. It’s expensive and pointless.

However, you can always follow the basics that are tried, tested, and found reliable by investor for several decades.

In this “The Lighthouse” webinar, hosted by Holistic Investment Planners, an industry insider throws some light on universally accepted investment basics.

Stock Market Webinar, The Lighthouse—Session1

Every investor has to enemies—2 rival they will deal with forever.

One is inflation; the other is their own investment behavior.

Interestingly enough, you can have a say on only one of those—your investment behavior. It is because inflation is an external factor, but your investment behavior is internal.

What if you can master your investment behavior to win over the compounding inflation?

It is a win-win situation for you as an investor. But it isn’t easy to do so. Otherwise everyone would have done it by now.

So, how can you influence your investment behavior to influence your financial goals?

How is your mind limited by external factors, crippling your potential for financial success?

What is equity? And how should one approach equity investments?

What has the 40 years of SENSEX growth taught us?

How is our predispositions limiting us from understanding the obvious nature of equity market?

Find your answers to all these questions, and much more in The Lighthouse webinar-session 1.

Watch the video below:

Stock Market Webinar, The Lighthouse—Session2

Businesses are long-term, you will earn return from equity in the long-term.

It is indeed a simple and clear message to understand. And then we turn our attention towards the returns we can get from equity.

It is where the perspective gets warped.

Everybody says equity can offer returns at 12% per annum on average. And when an investors fixates on that, he sets himself up for disappointment.

Why is equity market almost always disappointing to the investors?

The past 30 years of Indian stock market history show that it has corrected every single year. It may differ only by the margin it corrected.

What does this mean for an investor?

Is volatility the price you should pay for better returns?

Even if it is, the volatility makes the equity market unsuitable for short-term. Is there a way around this shortcoming to stabilize you portfolio?

What is the role of fixed income investments and Gold in your portfolio?

How much asset allocation should one have in each of these asset classes?

In one of the easiest to understand presentations ever, here are your answers.

Watch The Lighthouse webinar session2 light up your road to financial success in the video below.


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